Videoart.Ist International Video Art Screening Program, also known as Efes Video Arts Screenings and the program is traveler biennial. We seek experimental and conceptual video art works and short films.

- Open to all video artists over the World
- Submission period will be between April 1st. - September 1st. 2017
- Free submission
- Single channel videos only
- If the your video has a language dialog other than English, use subtitle in English
- Maximum duration 6 minutes
- One work may be submitted per artist and only online submission.
- Selected artist will be notified by September 20th.2017
- Please note that is non-profit organisation and can not pay any fee for screening works.
- Those who do not comply with the rules can be disqualified.
- Participation in the event is acceptance of the rules.

Overall Rating
  • It is great festival with excellent communication. Thanks for the selection of the “Ø“ video project.

    November 2017
  • Sopo Kashakashvili

    Excellent communication and very warm welcome! Hope it will grow into community and further travel in various places .

    I want to especially thank - Tahir Ün!

    November 2017