Dear artists,

We would like to thank all the artists participating in the selection for Video Art Event, the 8th edition, | IN|DUST|REAL 2017 Oradea, Romania. Unfortunately we had to refuse a number of videos since there were very many great applications. Video Art Event-Team chose the video that best fits the concept published on our website. Video Art Event will be presented from 20 May 2016, 19.00- 01.00 at the Museum of Ţǎrii Crişurilor in Oradea.

The following artists are finalists

Hervé ALL, White Light, France
Semiosphera (Francesca Giuliani, Lino Mocerino), Shrine 2.4.5, Italy
Pete Burkeet, Boat, USA
Kuo Ying Hsiu, Repeat Repeat, Taiwan
Milad Monavvarian, Limitless Reality, Canada
Carolina Lara Grimberg, Viszlát Beltrán, Argentina
Benjamin Rosenthal, From this side of space to the other side of the signal, USA
Matías Bó, Sofia (Jean Arp), Argentina
Adam Brown, R E V E R B, United Kingdom
Brian Ratigan, A Stones Throw Away, USA
Ena Kielska, The Habit Ants, Poland
Dimitar Dimitrov, The Retarded Child, Bulgaria
Laura Iancu, Self(i.e.;), USA
Nikolaus Jantsch, Microscopia, Austria
Katalin Egely, Land Without Evil, Hungary
Sungwoong HEO, Light Flow, South Korea
Jeroen ter Welle, Wind, Netherlands
Jesseca Ynez Simmons, Dark Matter(s), USA

IN|DUST|REAL|Video art event, VIIIth edition was presented in 20 th 2017 from 19-01 PM at Museum of Ţǎrii Crişurilor in Oradea, University of Oradea, Visual Arts Department, Faculty of Arts, Romania and will be presented in June in Italy at Visual Container, box Videoart Project Space Milan,,,

Awards & Prizes


Rules & Terms

– Video will be done in the last year
– Video will be single channel work
– The film should not exceed 5 minutes (rare exceptions are possible)
– The artist or group may register up to 3 (three) work(s)
– We will up to 1 video from each artist.
– form and Curriculum Vitae, completed and signed in original (AUTHORIZATION FORM is downloadable from our website)
– a summary of each film (SYNOPSIS), in English
– 2 frames (jpg)
– Technical requirements: Full HD 1080p, format mp4, codec H264
– The selected works will be sent to our contact address (Gabriela Diana B. Gavrilas, Str, Milcovului, Nr: 6, Bloc: Pb 7, Ap 2, Zip code: 410 389, city: Oradea, Jud: Bihor, Country: Romania) and must be arrived untill 10.05.2017. The material will contain an envelope with a DVD with all documents mentioned above together with the authorizsation form and the CV, both signed and printed in original.
– The materials that will not follow the rules and terms including image and sound and all the legal rights, will not be accepted.

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    盈秀 郭

    Thank you for selected my video, great honor to join!

    December 2017
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    Hervé ALL

    A great event and a eclectic choice of film. Really gratefull to have one film selected this year to this great Video Art festival !

    August 2017
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    kot suwa

    Thank you Video Art Event.

    June 2016