- Description
Venus Community Awards is a film festival that was established under the International Cinema Community. Like any other festival it is associated with, one of the goals of this festival is to fight unfair competition. Because of this, all films that are standard in terms of cinematography and directing will be accepted to the Official Selection. The involvement in of real filmmakers in festival management who are expertise in their field and seeking justice will put you in the location where you deserve at this festival. VCA, whose main principles include to create a future for the filmmakers, Based on this principle, it works to embrace all filmmakers, regardless of whether they are famous or not, to respond to their wishes and to solve filmmakers' problems. Because we respect labor, we always value every movie and never forget that they are "pieces". In the film eliminations, our doors will be open to the films which are in standard level of our festival and which we feel the labor. Thanks to the Laurel that you will win, you will not get only this but also you will become a part of a real festival and more.

- $5000 cash prize for a low-budget movie project.
- Venus Community Awards Trophy
- Venus Community Awards Diploma
- Publishing On Opprime.tv (The Award-Winning Films Get Copyright According To The "Viewing Rate", So That The Filmmakers Will Earn Money As Their Films Are Watched.)
- 1 Year International Cinema Community Distanced Membership Worth $250.
- Free Social Platform Advertisements and Discounts for Festivals
- Laurel

- All Projects will be Awarded in a single category. Projects will be evaluated in all aspects. Movies, Screenplays and Photographs that are strong in any category will be awarded Venus Community awards and receive a special VCA trophy.
The films will be evaluated in three parts as the "Not Selected, Official Selection, and the Winners."
- Films that are not selected will not be screened or awarded in any way in VCA. The films that are OFFICIAL SELECTION and WINNER will be broadcast physically at the ICC Community center and will be available for online viewing on opprime tv broadcasting from the USA.
- We can't accept turkey movies on Filmfreeway, please contact us. (Ulusal Filmleri FilmFreeway üzerinden kabul edilmeyecek, ulusal gönderimler icin lütfen bizimle iletişime geçiniz, gönderilen filmler koşulsuz diskalifiye edilecektir).
- Films must be in cinematography and directing standards.
- All categories and lengths are accepted.
- You can submit from all the countries as being student, filmmaker or distributor; there is no restrictions.
- There is no age limitation, anybody can participate.
- Films such as feminist, racist and fascist (which undermines the rights of men, women, people and all kinds of living things) will be disqualified.
- Submissions in languages other than English must contain English subtitles.
- There is no genre limitation.
- Any situation related to music and copyrights belongs to the sender.
- By submitting, you agree that we can publish your film's trailers & images and you agree that sharing your data to other festivals for promotional purposes. (Just for discounts.)
- There is no discount in submission fees. This rule sets the standards and quality of our community.
- The fees for the films that are applied but withdrawn, will not be refunded. Withdrawn films are considered they were disqualified.
- The shipping fees of the award winning films belong to themselves.
- Poster and film frames should be added to the project (for promotion).

Overall Rating
  • Hello namaste from Nepal
    It was a great pleasure for me to be part of the festival. Beautiful experience. Very happy to a part of the festival- In search of Light from Nepal.
    Thank you

    January 2023
  • Great publicity, good communication, wonderful networking. I was blessed for my projects to have been a nominee. Looking forward for the next chapter..

    February 2023
  • A terrific festival. Happy to learn that our documentary film 'Doors to Fantasy' was an Award Winner at the festival. A highly recommended festival.

    February 2023
  • Had a wonderful experience can’t wait to submit for future projects

    February 2023
  • I'm very happy for been part of the festival and for winning with La piedra en el camino, it is a pleasure and honor to have the possibility of traveling all around the wordl with this project. Thanks the organizers and judges.

    January 2023