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TITLE: Real Event: The Russian Federal Security Service announced on the 17th of November in 2015 a $50 million reward for assistance in capturing the criminals involved in the explosion of a plane in Egypt.
Fall. 2019. On the Afghanistan border, Tajik border guards arrest an Afghan drug smuggler named Abdul with a shipment of heroin. Abdul tells them the terrorist attack on the airplane was financed by a heroin producer, an ISIL leader he works for.
Ruslan, an interpreter for the border post, suggests to Anton Denisov and Maksim, Russian engineers of armored fighting vehicles, to capture the terrorist and get the reward. The trio convince a transport helicopter crew to help. In order to raise money for the trap, the adventurers sell to the drug mafia the confiscated heroin and then take it back again.
A helicopter delivers an armored vehicle and 6 adventurers to Afghanistan to the ambush site. Four ISIL cars fall into it. But instead of the terrorist, the adventurers find an American couple - Pete and Lois, four duffel bags full of heroin, and $2 million. The helicopter evacs the armored vehicle with its crew. Anton, Ruslan, Abdul, Pete, and Lois are chased by militants and end up in Kabul. The ISIL leader orders for an assassin to find and kill the ambush participants.
Anton and Ruslan make a deal with Pete and Lois to split the money equally five ways and to use their passports and contraband channel to sneak into Hong Kong. At the Kabul airport, the assassin attacks Pete, but Lois neutralizes him. Abdul is arrested in the Hong Kong airport. Anton and Ruslan with two suitcases of money stay at a hotel. China’s Narcotics Control monitors them.
In one of America’s mountains a sniper hunts deer. California’s drug cartel’s ringleader gives him a mission to retrieve his lost heroin or the $3 million he paid for it.
After moving to Macau, Ruslan and Anton acquaint with a waitress named Lin and a venturous Kiang. To clean the money, the four of them play for high stakes in a casino for several days. A hitman of the Chinese triad forces his way into Anton and Ruslan’s deluxe suite and demand that they return the drug cartel’s money. They manage to knock him out with a taser installed in the suitcase of money.
Anton and Ruslan, enamored with Kiang and Lin, go on a cruise to Shanghai. The sniper is also on that liner searching for Pete and Lois, since the group used their passports to order the tickets. At night Anton and Ruslan knock him out with a taser and toss him overboard.
The two couples rent a cottage at a park hotel in the Shanghai suburbs. The hitman and the sniper, who swam ashore, both find out. A fight happens between them over the money. Anton and Ruslan see it through a camera they installed in the cottage. On their call, the police arrest the hitman, but the sniper gets away.
Ruslan is convinced by a Tajik consul to return to Tajikistan. Narcotics Control finds out about his plane ticket. The sniper gets information about Anton and Ruslan out of Lin. Narcotics Control agents surround Kiang’s house on the day of departure. Lois and Pete - the US DEA officer, are with them. The sniper shoots at Ruslan and Anton from a minivan. Pete saves them, and Lois arrests the sniper.

  • Ivan Efremov
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Writer - Ivan Efremov