Our festival has a simple mission... to reward good storytellers and showcase their talent to the world regardless of their budget or resume. If you have a good storyline and execute a quality production, it doesn't matter if your budget is $0 or $1 million because we will recognize your film, music, and art.
Watch our awards ceremony: https://vimeo.com/704749149?share=copy

Film Awards:
Festival winners from every category will receive our custom Palm Leaf trophy. Unlike traditional "trophies" or "plaques" this award is a real piece of art.)

Categories include:

Best Film In Festival (Audience Award)
Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Student Film
Best Director will be chosen from among all entries.
Best Actor will be chosen from among all entries.
The Candyce Weir Best Actress award will be chosen from among all entries.
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best Undergraduate Film
Best Film Achievement Award


Best Large Painting (Paintings larger than 11x14)
Best Small Painting (Paintings 11x14 and smaller)
Best Digital Art (Any Size)
Best Photograph (Any Size. Any Genre.)
Best Hand-Drawn Artwork


Best Original Song (Lyrics)
Song of the Year (Recording of an original song)
Best Cover Song (Recording of a cover song)
Best Instrumental (Recording of an original song)
Best Music Video (The song must be an original release)

Film Submissions:
All film submissions will be viewed in their entirety and winners will be chosen based on their achievement to tell a good story - nothing more, nothing less. The size of the production budget will not be a consideration in determining our winners.

All film submissions must have been completed within the last two (2) calendar years.

The film's premiere status and festival circuit are not important to us.

All films must be in English or contain English subtitles.

Categories include all genres, lengths, and topics.

Submissions must be uploaded through FilmFreeway's website portal.

Film artwork/poster must be included.


All artwork entries must be submitted as a high-resolution photograph that is in sharp focus. We will accept jpg or png format.

The artist's name and the title of the painting should be included in the name of the uploaded file. Example: (johndoe-womaninbluedress.jpg)

Paintings need only a single "head-on" photo submission but must include the entire painting. Its borders must not be cropped in the photo or out of frame. Lighting should be sufficient to make out details.

All mediums are allowed.

Sculptures or crafts are NOT part of our festival at this time.


Original song entries must be submitted by the songwriter/copyright owner
Cover song entries must include a copy of the cover license.