Valley of Hereafter

Valley of Hereafter by John W. Waring
Logline and Synopsis

A relaxing vacation turns to gold fever, self-discovery, and a fight for survival when six friends ignore the warnings from an eccentric preacher and are pursued by a group of crazed mountain locals.

The group of city-dwellers are seemingly out of their element in the vast mountain wilderness. Erik Hurst only knows Brendan, and at first doesn’t get along with the others, especially Jenna Briggs who’s as stubborn in her ways as Erik. The two constantly go at one another, their personalities continually clashing. Erik is self-centered, arrogant, and doesn’t need nor want any other friends, and Jenna has her own reasons for not liking or trusting men.

When the group meets an eccentric Proverbs quoting preacher, who also operates the general store in the valley, his warnings go unheard as the group turns their attention to gold-mining.

Erik shows his disdain for the others, informing them it’s all a big waste of time. His friend Brendan grows tired of trying to defend Erik’s actions and starts to see why he’s such a self-centered loner. Jenna, a strong independent female, wants nothing to do with him either.
Nonetheless gold-mining is the new order of business. And, Brendan’s girlfriend Rachael is the first to get gold fever. However, unbeknownst to them is the fact they are being watched by the locals and some form of creatures lurking in the darkness. When their greed gets the best of them, and their friend Lori goes missing, it’s her stoner brother Stephen with the genius IQ who starts to unravel that things are not what they seem.

They discover numerous cellar-style wooden doors in the dense forest which lead to a series of underground tunnel systems running throughout the mountain. And they uncover a plot by the preacher and his crazed congregation that is more sinister than they bargained for. Now, not only must Erik and Jenna put their differences aside and learn to trust one another, but the group must get past the gold fever and strategize their own attack in order to outwit their pursuers if they hope to escape the Valley of Hereafter.

  • John Waring
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    Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Drama
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    United States
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Writer - John Waring