As a screenwriter, Valerie Saunders pulls from her years of experience as a well-rounded entertainer across the US, and incorporates them into her screenplays. The Andrews Sisters is the First Musical Biopic Trilogy In History. Even a miniseries.
Valerie Saunders has had a stellar career as an entertainer for many years in theaters, theme parks, arenas, films, and TV.
Her experience as a screenwriter is a direct result of countless shows over the years. She also has a background in more 'Below-The-Line' positions as well, mentioned below.
A professional singer, vocal impressionist, actress, comedienne, dancer, and choreographer, she has performed nationwide in Arizona, New York, Ohio, and Texas. Her musical repertoire is quite extensive: Show Tunes, Big Band, Andrews Sisters, Country, Patsy Cline, Western, Sing A-long, and Classical.
Valerie was chosen to sing alto with the Solis Choir and performed with the Eagles for the Hotel California Tour in 2021. They sang "The Last Resort" at Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
Her other greatest thrill as a chorus member was singing with the Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus as a 2nd alto, performing Mahler’s 8th Symphony of 1000, at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio, and Carnegie Hall in New York City in 1995.
Valerie performed a variety of different shows as an actress and singer, and also did improvisation, at Old Tucson Studios in Arizona, in 1993, and 2012 - 2013. It is a movie studio and western theme park.
There in 1993, she assisted with props and lighting for the film Tombstone.
Valerie played Judy in the original musical, From Gumm to Garland: Judy The Musical, at the Mesa Arts Center, in Arizona. Other major roles include Molly Brown in The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Nancy in Oliver, and Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes.
Her international performances include singing Schubert's "Ave Maria" at Hotel Splendido in Portofino, Italy. She also sang "New York, New York" in a bistro in Paris, France.
In 2003, she was directed and choreographed by Dee Dee Wood, the choreographer of the films Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Valerie performed in Sweet & Hot, a Harold Arlen Revue. His biggest hit was composing Over The Rainbow.
Valerie honed her skills in improvisation at the original Rawhide, a western theme park, in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1991 - 1992. She first learned about and then performed 'Streetmosphere,' strolling through Main Street as Matilda, a character she created and developed there. She performed in comedies every hour and also did an authentic vaudeville show.
Valerie’s love for the music of the Andrews Sisters led her to form The Honeybuns, a female vocal trio, and she also sang alto. Along with their keyboardist, they expanded their repertoire over time. They performed throughout Phoenix for several years. She was their booking agent and choreographer as well.
As a soloist, Valerie's largest audience ever was 50,000, singing The National Anthem at an Arizona Diamondbacks game in 2000.
A vocal impressionist for many years, she emulates Judy Garland, Julie Andrews, Patsy Cline, and Doris Day. Since childhood she has been doing scenes from The Wizard of Oz. She does both male and female voices.
Upon request, Valerie produced several different traveling one-woman shows: 1. Cowgal Val - Yodeler, Comedienne, Storyteller, Arizona History 2. A Tribute to Patsy Cline 3. A Salute to Movie Musicals 4. The Patriotic Salute
Performed by The Honeybuns, “Der Fuehrer’s Face” was named “The funniest choreographed number on any Phoenix stage in 1990.” Arizona Republic - Max McQueen, theatre critic.
Her role as Mona in Sweet & Hot, a Harold Arlen Revue, was named “Best Female Performer in a Musical.” Desert Foothills Theater, 2002 - 2003. “Alto Valerie Saunders would hit a resonant note of "Stormy Weather” and raise chills.” Sue Crouse, reporter and columnist for the Sonoran News.
The Honeybuns - Expanded Repertoire: Andrews Sisters, Big Band, Show Tunes, and Sing-Along; Acting - Skits and Commercials; Dancing - Tap Dance Number
With great love and passion for their songs, Valerie decided to write a screenplay called The Andrews Sisters. It is the true story of an American Vocal Trio.
As she put it, "The more I wrote, the more I wrote." This led to her writing The First Musical Biopic Trilogy In History. Her screenplay could easily be a miniseries as well.
Painstaking effort was put into editing her long screenplay. Michael P. Mahoney was Valerie's editor, and he made her defend every single line she wrote, and she did!
Due to its great length, they started editing it a second time, and two-thirds of the way through, as Valerie put it, Michael entered heaven in 2023.
With divine guidance from the Holy Spirit and Michael, she is moving ahead with what she knows in her heart and soul is a fantastic opportunity to truly entertain all audiences, no matter what their ages.
Their screenplay takes place from 1925 - 1966, not only in the US, but abroad as well. Their trilogy has much humor, singing, unexpected turns, a few major climaxes, and along with LaVerne, Maxene, and Patty Andrews, more major stars of yesteryear.
University of Arizona
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October 6, 1961
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As a screenwriter, Valerie Saunders pulls from her years of experience as a well-rounded entertainer across the US, and incorporates them into her screenplays. The Andrews Sisters is the First Musical Biopic Trilogy In History. Even a miniseries.
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