• Calvin Watson
  • Ricky Speedboat
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    Song, Film Score
  • Completion Date:
    June 10, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Artist Biography

Calvin Watson better know by his stage name Rickyspeedboat was born April 27, 1983 in Detroit, Michigan.  After Ricky’s parents separated when he was young, the young rapper moved with his grandmother to the Westside of Detroit, Southfield and 7mile area. By the age of 11 Ricky excelled in basketball and had aspirations of becoming a professional basketball player.  As a teenager Ricky began to develop a second passion, music, Ricky attended Henry Ford High School dropping out in the 11th grade.  By age 18, Ricky began running the streets and found himself in trouble with the law. As Ricky faced legal issues , he turned his attention and focus to music. Ricky began tuning his skills by writing, rapping and recording songs. Ricky released his first underground album The Rude Awakening the summer of 2006. Right after the Release of Rude Awaking, Ricky faced a huge set-back in October 2006.  Ricky was Shot 8 times in front of his home in Detroit.  Ricky was unable to walk for over a year as he went through intensive rehabilitation to recover from the gun shots.  With all hope seemed lost for his music career, at the age of 23 founded his own Record label WorldWorkin Records. With Ricky totally focused on music he began to master his craft by adding producing skills to his repertoire.  By the spring of 2007 Ricky helped Co-Produce his first mixtape Royal Hall and in the fall of 2008 Rick co-produced 3 more mixed tapes, Invisible Empire and WorldWorkin KOKing Pins volume 1 and volume 2.  In 2010 Rick released his second underground solo album Hard Work.  Ricky is featured on on the up and coming Detroit artist Boldy James(signed with Nas on Mass Appeal Records)  Consignment Mixtape in 2012.  Rickyspeedboat is ready to make a lot of noise in the Hip Hop industry with the release of Dirty Game vol 2 in 2015 Fastlane vol 1. In 2017 Ricky also produced and Co. produced several projects that same year with appearances on #SosaHome, King Boss King Of The Streets. 2020 he released Epidemic and Ill Young Heirs Vol 1. 2021 he released Vaccine a high energetic album that featured various artists Like #SosaHome and Dame OT

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