INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL , based in India, city of dreams , Mumbai. This is the first year of the festival. It's motive is to be the odd one out of the film festival community.

Here the question arises.....How ?.
It's motive is to promote creative films on a wider platform around the globe.

This festival is a revolution to independent film makers all over. V R The Change value each and every film makers ideas which are put into making of a film, and keeping that in mind we at V R THE Change want to give the film makers to not only take part in our festival but to ensure that the winners get an OTT platform release in India and abroad and earn revenue from it.


1.Best Film
2.Best Actor (Male)
3.Best Actor (Female)
4.Best Screenplay
5.Best Director
6.Best Editor & Vfx
7.Best LGBT Film
8.Best Social Issue Film
9.Best Mobile Film
10.Best Music Director
11.Best Lockdown Film
12.Best Cinematographer
13.Best Jury Award
14.Best Documentary
15.Best Feature Film
16.Best Child Actor
17.Best Foreign Film
18.Best Animated Film
19.Best Student Film (Under 21yrs)
20 Best Environmental Film
21.Best Web Series

We provide Honorable mention and Special Mention certificates for other selected participants.

So, what are you waiting for, come, join by taking part in our festival.

V R The Change international film festival taking unique initiative and break the barrier of releasing the film & give a BOOM in every independent filmmakers life, so we are providing :-

1.Top 3 winners in every category will get beautiful TROPHY, CERTIFICATE and Free of cost OTT releasing in any Indian and International platform. We have Tie-up with more than 150 renowned OTT platforms around the globe and content with be shared on revenue sharing basis.

2.All other participants who get Honorable mention and Special Mention will get beautiful digital certificates.

1. Entry fees is non refundable.
2. Once submitted cannot be cancelled.
3. The feature films, short films and Web series can be of any language or genre.
4. All films, any language must have English subtitles.
5. YouTube, Vimeo, Google drive links accepted.
6. (i) Short film (Below 20 mins) (ii) Large Short films ( 20min - 1hr ) (iii) Feature film (More than 1 hour)
(iv) Web series ( Any duration )

7. Nudity and Poronography content will not be acceptable.
8. If, in any, category like LGBT, Animated film, Child film, recieved less than 4 films, there will be no competition. That category will be cancelled, those films will be judged for other categories or judged from different prospective.
9. Any filmmaker can submit multiple films, provided a separate entry form accompanies each film.
10. The decision of the festival committee and the jury is final.
11. By submitting your film, you give the festival committee the consent to use small clips of your film for promotional purposes.