Take the VR13 Challenge and create your first VR FIlm!


13 applicants will be selected and invited to participate in the VR13 Filmmaking Bootcamp on 23 September. At the end of bootcamp, applicants will pitch again, this time to live judges, and three will be chosen to make their films over a 13-day period (28 Sept - 10 Oct), during which they will receive a production budget, logistical, technical and creative support, and the chance to compete for a $1300 cash prize. Finished films will be screened live at a series of exclusive Halloween events in Vancouver.


A video pitch (3 minutes max) in which you, a) introduce yourself, and b) describe your VR story concept.


Forget the rules, let your mind go nuts, don’t worry so much about plot and think about presence, about being in a moment that terrifies you. Think about what makes your skin crawl.

And remember, this is a story, an experience, told in 360 degrees. It’s all around you, in first person. The viewer is in the moment. If thinking about a 360 story literally makes your head spin, don’t worry, the first one is the hardest, so go for it!

3 Finalists get their VR film made, screened, and distributed!

Semi-Finalists get a full day at a VR Boot Camp where they get access to the newest gadgets and work with industry leaders.

Pitch videos should be no longer than 3 minutes. Tell your story. What does it look/sounds/taste/feel like? If you think about it as a script, it shouldn’t be more than 2-3 pages. But scripts in VR take longer, maybe 2-3 minutes a page.

Content must be original, optioned, or public domain. If you’re unclear about what this means, send us an email or come to one of the launch events.

Ideas can be scary or dark or eerie or anything consistent with the Halloween season. However, content should be tasteful, and must be in compliance with all laws, regulations and policies governing content, taste, community reflection and diversity of voices including the Broadcasting Act, CRTC Best Practice Code, and other relevant Canadian codes pertaining to the nature of acceptable content.

If selected for BOOT CAMP, applicants must:

Be available on 23-24 September to attend Boot Camp , and 27 Sept-10 Oct for production.

Have a Production Manager attached to their project or be willing for VR13 to attach one.

Sign and abide by the Social Media Expectations and Conduct Agreement.

Be willing to workshop with the VR13 Creative Team.


All applicants hereby release and hold harmless the PRODUCERS (including but not limited to Hammer & Tong Picture Industries Ltd., YVRFF, and Vancouver VR Community) from any and all liability for any and all damage, loss or liability suffered as a result of or arising from their participation in the Competition.

By attending Bootcamp, each applicant consents to the use by The Producers of their names, city of residence, photograph, voice and/or image for publicity purposes in all media, without payment or compensation.

Completed films may be distributed online individually or as part of a packaged slate. Boot camp attendees are expected to sign Limited Release Agreement.