City University of New York students submit there films to the Video Production Club in Borough of Manhattan Community College, and they see there work projected on to the screen of TriBeCa Performing Arts Center, Theatre 1, where the TriBeCa Film Festival holds their prestigious festival every year. The film festival is broken up into two categories, competitive films and none competitive films. None CUNY and CUNY students can submit there films but will not be competitive films unless there's at least one Borough of Manhattan Community College Student that has an above the line roll in the film (Director, Screenwriter, Producer). Films MUST not have played at a previous BMCC Student Film Festival. Films must have been completed sometime AFTER the last festival (Dec 3, 2015).
Films preferably are not uploaded on any online medium publicly (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo). This is to maintain the exclusivity of the festival. Why go to see a film you can see online for free? After the festival, you may upload your film online."

We award $100 and a plaque for each winning category.

Best Film
Best Director
Best Performance
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Documentary
Best Screenplay
Best Score

And the last award is The Michael Vincent Rosen-Pipitone Award and it is awarded every BMCC festival to the most hardworking club member, in memory of Michael for his hard work.

Has to be below 15 minutes. Short films only! No nudity. Keep it professional. Will not be accepted if you're not from New York City, attending a City University of New York.