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VOICES OF THE VOTE: Live Coverage from County Elections Office

With Shasta County and National Media focused on possible voting integrity, Cathy Darling Allen, County Clerk / Registrar of Voters asked SCACtv to observe the ballot process at the Office of Elections as well as the main polls. The elections office helped with the training of a team of high school students into legal aspects of the day and SCACtv focused on aspects of video production and journalism.

SCACtv attempted to stream live several times with an opening report, a closing of the polls and a coverage of results coming in. Sadly as social media throttled what it saw as political commentary and removing some posts after, SCACtv decided to stream non stop allowing the polling camera to be seen during downtime to show any positive or negative activity should it occur.

With footage starting at 7am and Elections Results at 8pm, 15 hours of footage was too much to submit.

Here is one segment

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