Welcome to the VOD Film Festival in Los Angeles. The future of Film Festivals is here.

All of the officially selected films will have the privilege of a presentation and edited video trailers to be submitted to any channel or VOD group.

2019 EDITION: November 6 – 13, 2019 • Santa Monica (DURING AMERICAN FILM MARKET)
There is nothing more productive than seeing the entire global catalogue of available films and new projects.

Enter the headquarters for film buyers, where 400+ sales companies unveil 2,000+ new films and projects from around the world for the first time. American Film Market is the most anticipated event for acquiring rights to new films because production companies have developed a wide range of projects since Cannes — more than $1 billion in deals close here each year.

AFM’s convenient campus connects you with sales companies from around the globe, providing unmatched opportunities both for business and for reconnecting with your valued community, all without the distraction of a film festival. Location is key — the market’s beachfront Santa Monica locale allows you to build relationships within the Hollywood community, home to more film industry companies and professionals than anywhere else in the world. AFM is more business-oriented than any other film market, and time spent here will yield returns.

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MORE INFO: https://americanfilmmarket.com/programs-events/#conferences


Once you have submitted your film, our team will be responsible for selecting the projects and creating a presentation with all of our winning projects.

The awarded filmmakers will select 2 channels to have their film submitted to by one of our executive producers. In case of client interest – we will send all the information and put the awarded producers/filmmakers in contact with the interested channel. All the films are eligible to be selected by one of our representatives, each will have a space in our book of awarded films.

We will help you find the best way to distribute, finance or license your project.

“By October 2018, Netflix’s customer base reached 137 million worldwide, confirming its rank as by far the world’s biggest online subscription video service.” As far the market goes, we have the biggest online database to sell and share projects with all TV and VOD channels.

Our executive producers will have a list of films to share with the channels. You have the opportunity to be seen by thousands of creative and industry workers.

The channels may be looking for specific projects – sometimes dramas, sometimes thrillers, or maybe animations. They want the best original ideas.

What we will do for you? Searching for financing to make a film can be extraordinarily difficult. By increasing contact between filmmakers and investors, the sector is hoping to make it much easier for creators to send their work into the industry world. We will edit your information in videos and submit a book/online presentation to the representative of original content in departments of many companies such as: ABC, Amazon Prime Video, Anonymous Content, CBS Films, Netflix, HBO Films, Paramount Pictures, FX, Universal, Bad Robot, 20th Century Fox, Hulu, Canal +, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting System, A&E, BBC, Disney, Paradigm, Sony Pictures Television (AXN), E!, Starz Entertainment, Discovery and many others throughout 191 countries. **We will not pitch your project to any Channel or distributor – in case of interest, we will put you in contact with the producers/directors to negotiate.

First, you need to select your film category:
• Short Films / Feature Films / Episodic Series / WEB / TV / Screenplay / Music Video / Commercial ...
Then, you choose the categories you want to be considered for: Best Cinematography / Best Actress / Best Original Idea / Best Score / Best Director …

These categories will help us to put your film into different pages so that it can be seen by many different agents. If they are looking for a specific type of project, you can help them find your work.

Your film will be judged by some member of our team. If you are selected, we will create:
- Trailer videos with many projects.
- Online presentation with your text to be sent to channels. (You need to send your synopses and texts).
- Photos and Stills for our promotional material.
- Prices and budget to license your products (in case you have the exact amount – or select in negotiation to leave this open to talk about).
Please note: Your film will not be presented to ALL the channels. If your film is selected, you can choose 2 channels or we will select the best 2 channels that we believe will fit your project.

When your project is selected by one of the channels, we will send you the contact information so you and your team can negotiate the projects directly with the interested channel. Your negotiation will be your responsibility, and our company will not charge anything for the contract; you have already paid our team to work for you until you get the license. We will be more than glad to help you find the right channel to have your project selected. This is our mission inside of the internet VoD world. If you have a nice project and you believe people would like to watch it, let us help you show the world your ideas!

Overall Rating

  • My story just in case they will open again.

    Most probably - LA VOD Festival is not a real event.

    Looking upon their website - a lot of big names mentioned, with promises of “All of the officially selected films will have the privilege of a presentation and edited video trailers to be submitted to any channel or VOD group” and “ If you are selected, we will create: - Online presentation with your text to be sent to channels.”

    Things that warned me - lack of proper direct contact, no mentions of any persons, who exactly run the festival. And high price - $100 for submission for their indie online-only festival in its first year (just to compare - Berlinale for the same year asked for submission around $80).

    Ok, I decided to take chances, suspecting worst, just to see what will happen. My project was selected by Nov 4. 2019. I contacted them through e-mail published on Filmfreeway. Through online interaction was promised that “The website will be https://www.vodfestival.com/ and you will have a profile to your projects.” and “The online presentation will be ready by the end of this month. “

    Also I received words that “We have 2 agents working in LA to share some content to future sponsors, distributors or VOD acquisition.” and “ Partners and channels that are looking to have projects licensed to their original content. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are some of the contacts.”

    By Nov. 20 received last email from them. After that nothing changed on their website - no list of selected projects, no “profile to your project”. All my future e-mails were ignored, no promises fulfilled, neither I received my submission fee back.

    If they will open again - do not submit.

    May 2020
  • The festival takes time to make returns. They promise a lot and deliver very little. Fake festival. Very disappointing!

    May 2020
  • Michael Thompson

    This is a scam. Do not submit. DO NOT SUBMIT.

    Our project was selected, but we received no notification about screening times, trailers, or inquiries regarding which channels or platforms we'd like to present to. The website is bunch of stock photos - there is no info regarding official selections or winners. DO NOT SUBMIT TO THIS.

    January 2020
  • Paul Hendrix

    They received my money no problem and posted I was accepted but not a peep after. They were not a public event. I live in the town they claimed to participate in AFM and none of my AFM contacts saw or heard of them. They got me for $200. Wasn’t the first faux festival I’ve been stung by. But frustrating they are recommended by FilmFreeway and are not accredited in some way as other festivals that have burned me this year.

    November 2019
  • I should have read the review before paying so much money for nothing, I don't believe what they selling here is true, its most expensive festival submission, we get trap thinking they will network us with content buyers, but its not true, sad VOD even not replying to email, I never give -ve feedback but though to make other buyer aware of my experience.

    November 2019