Voted one of MovieMaker Magazine's top Festivals worth the entry fee, and known as VIFF!™, the VEGAS INDIE FILM FEST! is dedicated to true independent film and filmmakers. VIFF! furthers the art, craft and business of storytelling by inspiring and championing the work of artists who use the language of film to share their visions. All category winning filmmakers will receive the coveted "GOLDEN BULB" which is certified to have lit the world famous 'Welcome to Las Vegas!" sign - The same sign that has appeared in hundreds of movies and television programs.

VEGAS INDIE FILM FEST! (VIFF!) is an international independent film showcase, held in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Created, programmed and operated by movie-loving filmmakers, VIFF! is unique to any other festival in the world! VIFF! allows filmmakers from around the globe to compete on a multi-cultural stage for a plethora of awards! Taking place all over Las Vegas, VIFF! aims to get indie films seen, marketed, and ultimately sold.

VIFF! caters to a vast clientele of independent film fans, distributors, artists, producers, entertainers and filmmakers - on a regular and re-occurring basis. We have personal relationships with many members of local and national press organizations and invite/encourage them to attend screenings, to create positive reviews and stories about our winning lineup of films and filmmakers.

If you're looking for a unique festival in Las Vegas, and the only one where you can win a GOLDEN BULB which is certified to have lit the World Famous 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign, then look no further than VIFF!


1. Entrants must submit a SECURE ONLINE SCREENER or DVD or Bluray in NTSC region 0 or 1 viewing copy for consideration. Private Vimeo links also accepted, just email so we can forward to our judges.
2. Entries must be postmarked according to the deadline. If you pay entry fee for an earlier deadline before your film arrives, it will not be considered and passed to judging panel until remaining balance is paid in full. Please include a check for the remaining balance to ensure proper consideration for films arriving past their payed and scheduled deadline. Preferred deliver is Online Screener. For Mail Deliveries, we prefer USPS, but please DO NOT request a SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION. Fedex, UPS and other international and private mail companies are fine too, but again - DO NOT request a SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION - in case one of our staff members are unavailable, the film may be returned to sender.
3. Entry will not be processed without an accompanying Online Screener, DVD or Bluray, however you will incur submission charges through FilmFreeway.
4. Please include FilmFreeway tracking number on DVD and all paperwork when submitting.
5. For publications purposes, if your film/video is selected for screening, entrants must be prepared to supply at least three electronic images (publicity stills) either in jpeg or PDF format, 300 dpi.
6. Upon acceptance a web sized video preview (trailer) is highly encouraged.
7. Exceptions to the festival regulations must be authorized by one of the Festival Directors.
8. We are looking forward to viewing your film or reading your script.

-The VEGAS INDIE FILM FEST! (VIFF!) reserves the right to determine eligibility of any project submitted. -VIFF! will accept and exhibit works completed in the media formats in our listing only; film, video or digital. If accepted, the producer agrees to provide the festival with the presentation format indicated on this entry form. I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless VIFF!, its officers, agencies employees and sponsors, from and against any liability as a result of any use, distortion, blurring or alteration that may occur or be introduced in any use or broadcast of the material during the festival. I waive any and all rights to compensation for any broadcast, duplication, and advertising of any ENTRY presented at or during the festival. All ownership of all ENTRY remains with the personnel who contributed to the ENTRY. I understand that VIFF!, its producers, and sponsors are relying on this release and accordingly, I hereby irrevocably waive any and all rights to seek or obtain any injunction or other equitable relief against VIFF!, its officers, agencies, employees, sponsors and employees. In exchange for release, I receive the opportunity to have my ENTRY shown at VIFF! and accept that there is no promise of additional payment, in any form for likeness, image, biography, recording, equipment, or for any other contribution by us on this production. I hereby certify that I am over eighteen years of age and competent to contract in my own name. If I am signing on behalf of an organization, I certify that I have authority to do so and that my signature binds the organization and its performers to all elements of this contract. I have read the foregoing release and authorization and agreement, before affixing my signature below, and warrant that I fully understand the contents thereof. -I have enclosed the proper entry fee according to the instructions on the general information page. I agree that if I have paid a fee to make a deadline, before the film arrives that I will include a check or money order with the film in the amount of difference. I state that I am authorized to submit this film to the VEGAS INDIE FILM FEST! for consideration, and have read, understand, and agree to all the requirements. I hereby release the Festival from all responsibility for loss or damage of submitted materials.

Overall Rating
  • Deuvall Dorsey

    I loved the outdoor screening and spotlighted question and answer after each film

    October 2017