Founded by Irene Yibirin, and thanks to the support of filmmakers, institutions and the public, The Venezuelan Film Festival VEFF has grown and consolidated as the most important celebration of Venezuelan cinematography outside Venezuela.
Although this is the first edition to be held in the UK, VEFF has been presented in several cities around the world, including four editions in the US in New York City, two in Houston, Texas, and one in each of the cities of Krakow (Poland) and Barcelona (Spain)

VEFF brings Venezuelan stories beyond what we see on news and media about this fascinating country, a country of many stories and the source of great films.


The Venezuelan Film Festival in London (VEFFLondon) presented by Maravilla and in partnership with CHAMOS announces its open call for all those documentary or fiction films made in Venezuela, about Venezuela, or those directed, written or produced by Venezuelans, and released in 2018, to participate in the official selection of the event that will take place in the prestigious CURZON Cinemas in London, in the month of May 2020 (exact dates TBA)

To be eligible for consideration as "Out of competition" and "In competition" participation, the Film must be able to fulfill at least 4 (four) points using the following criteria:
- The film’s story is directly related to Venezuela, or the Venezuelan nationality, culture, or identity. 4 points.
- The film was Directed, Produced or Written by a Venezuelan national or a person of Venezuelan background, or its main actor/actress/subject is Venezuelan or of Venezuelan background. 2 points.
- The film is a Venezuelan production or a co-production that includes Venezuela as co-producer country. 1 point.
- The film has not been premiered in the United Kingdom and is not available online for the UK territory. 2 points.
- The film has been premiered in the United Kingdom, but has not been premiered in London, and is not available online for the UK territory. 1 point.

To be eligible for consideration as "In Competition", the film must also be able to fulfill ALL the following criteria:
- Feature Films must be at least 60 minutes long
- Short films must be less than 25 minutes long
- Be directly related to territorial Venezuela or the Venezuelan Nation.
- Not have had its world premiere earlier than 2018.
- Not have had a theatrical release in London.

Before submitting a Film, you must be legally capable of acting in the name of the Film for the purposes of authorizing Maravilla LLC and the Festival’s Organizers to include and promote the Film as part of the Festival. Your submission does not guarantee participation. Participating Films will be chosen by the Selection Committee. Out of competition films must also be submitted in order to participate in the Festival.

By submitting a Film you agree if your film is accepted to the following:
Providing Festival Organizers with copies of your Film to be screened at the Festival (DCP or Bluray)
Providing Festival Organizers with a Synopsis in English and Spanish of your film.
Providing Festival Organizers with promotional materials that should include the film official poster and still images from the film in high resolution.
Granting rights to the Organizers for the purposes of: screening your Film at the Festival; using the Film’s original title and/or an English translation; using any information related to the Film and all materials you send to the Organizer for promoting the Film within the context of the Festival, or promoting the Festival itself.

Make sure to grant access to the Organizers to an online screener of the Film on Youtube, Vimeo or similar. By doing so, you also grant permission to the Organizers to watching the film as part of the selection, programming, and/or promotional-strategy-development processes.

If your Film is selected and you decide to participate in the Festival, you must fulfill the following requirements by the designated date in the Dates and Deadlines section of this document:

Deliver one exhibition copy and at least one backup copy (two backup copies are strongly encouraged) of the Film, and at least one second copy for backup, to 8 Gothenburg court Bailey Street SE8 5EY Attention VEFF London. We recommend you ship via courier in order to allow the Organizers to track the package once it leaves your hands.

All exhibition copies must be delivered in DCP or Blu-­ray format, unless otherwise agreed with the organizers (DCP exhibition copies are preferred).
Backup copies must be delivered in Blu-ray, unless otherwise agreed with the organizers.
The organizers will arrange (and pay the cost of) return shipping of your DCP (s) to one location after the conclusion of the Festival. Please note that Blu­-ray, DVD or flash-drive copies will not be returned.
Send promotional materials in digital form to the Organizers via email, Google Drive or similar: images, official posters, and all other promotional materials you might consider useful.
You must share with the Organizers a link to a publicly available online TRAILER of the Film, on Youtube, unprotected Vimeo or similar. By doing so, you also grant permission to the Organizers to promote such trailer on the Festival’s website, Facebook page, and other social media platforms, as part of the Festival’s promotional efforts.
All copies (including trailers) MUST have English Subtitles.

Overall Rating
  • Alexandra Henao

    The best festival for venezuelan cinema!

    April 2017
  • Vadim Lasca

    Is the best Venezuelan Film Festival abroad.

    September 2016
  • Inti Torres Mello

    Muy agradecido con ustedes, Inti.

    September 2016
  • Carlos Antonio Leon

    Amazing experience. This event is a MUST to do if you have the chance to. Extraordinary experience with the most welcoming of all organizers. I miss them already

    September 2016