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Linda Akoto writes the best Insha in the entire region that gives us a visualization of her life.
Linda's mother dies of HIV/AIDS as a result of fish for sex,a business that is common in their locality.
She drops out of school and ventures into the her mother's previous business to support her younger sister in school and table something to eat.
Linda is defiled after denying a fisherman to prick away her white petals...,Her white petals are now turned to red, Linda tries to commite suicide.
Through the ministry of Education, the culprit is arrested, summoned and jailed, Linda goes back to school after recovering.

  • Ian Wachuka
    "UTANDO" Meaning entangled web in English is a film by Part director Ian Kamau. The director accepted the role for he really fell in love with the storyline from its raw form to its completion. Before directing Utando he was also involved directly in the writing and directing of "Casandra" a play he wrote and directed to success. Earlier in March he was part of the Kenya Film Commission market where his script titled "Frenzy" was put in consideration however it wasn't among the shortlisted ones for the next stage. With his cooperation with people and being wholly involved in the Mtaani Konnect film department, a lot of him will appear on screen and behind the scenes.
  • Omondi.j.Nyaranga
    UTANDO,''The web'' (2019)-First film based on the theme mental health and wellness;The plot of this film was depicted from a True story. Story by-James nyaranga omondi Based on the screenplay by-James nyaranga omondi and Ian wachuka Based on characters created by Simon wakaba ,Ester Njambi,Patrick wamalwa and Brian onduso.
  • Simon Wakaba
    Matanga/Terrific Era are some of the short films produced by simon Wakaba and they have brought attention and loved by the audience since they are very educative,Matanga was nominated last year 2018 in MykenyaMyStory by Kenya Films Commission and looking forward to positive report on this one "UTANDO" it was a great experience from the production side.
  • Esther Njambi
    Key Cast
    Esther Njambi Gaitung'u is a young lady.Born and raised in Naivasha town(Kenya). I am a college graduate. My hobbies been cooking, watching movies and listening to music.. Well I'm talented in acting. In the year 2013 I joined a drama club in naivasha..My dream of been an actress come to areality.. I have been acting in schools and church's festivals. I got several certificates of Merit e.g Best Actress,, The Adjudicator's Award and in the year 2016 I was awarded the certificate of Recognition for been the drama chairlady. In the year 2017 I traveled to Dubai for job purposes. I got a friend who introduced me to a certain group that promotes talents. So I got a chance to perform a narrative in a certain event in a town called Sharjah. I later traveled to Qatar. Since I still had that passion of acting in me, I had to join a group of Kenyans called (Green Masaai Troupe) and my dream of acting come to a reality. Apart from my line work I do believe my talent pays.
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  • Runtime:
    7 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 28, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    20 USD
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  • Student Project:
  • MykenyaMyStory Mobile Competition 2018
    Nairobi, Kenya
    June 21, 2018
    Kenya Premiere,Event held at Kenya National Theatre
    Official Selection
Distribution Information
  • Konnect Films
    Country: Kenya
    Rights: Video / Disc
Director Biography - Ian Wachuka

I am Ian Kamau.
Partial student with a passion for filming and scirptwriting amd editing partially . This is one of the few projects I have been involved in. Earlier this year I was involved in the Kenya Film Commission market at KICC following a scriptwriter's competition held on March.

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Director Statement

Being a member and head department at mtaani Konnect films,it has been a great experience working together with the team in ensuring that we achieve our aimed goals, being a script writer and a director it has enabled me to do a lot of writing and everyone had excepted my work out there..and looking forward for more experience and especially working with films organizations such as kenya films classification board KFCB and Kenya films commission and other international contents developers in future.