Movies are a way of giving a voice to the ones who cannot speak for themselves.
Usha is an award winning director, writer and producer. She was the winner of the Asian Women's Award in the year 2022. She has won several awards and her films have been screened in several film festivals all over the world. She had been invited to the U.K. Asian film festival in 2022, as two of her films based on the Asian LGBTQI community had been selected for screening and a Q and A session.
Usha has a Master's in Film and TV Art from the University of Westminster and a Diploma in Producing from MetFilm school in Ealing. Her company Usha Productions is actively involved in filming and writing scripts on social issues that mainly focus on the Asian community. She is now actively involved in filming and writing scripts about social issues and mainly focusses on issues faced by the Asian community. She recently filmed a short documentary on the discrimination and abuse faced by the Asian LGBTQI community in the Asian society by their own people and their own families.
Being a woman of colour in the film industry comes with its own set of barriers. The underrepresentation within the industry is clear with an extremely small percentage of Asian directors being women and an even smaller amount of South Asian women being directors. This issue is further exacerbated by the fact that there is very little South Asian media out there for the younger generation and the role models for South Asian girls in Western Media are almost non-existent. The hunger for what Usha does, and her genuine want to make a difference have taken her so far. She has built a career for herself through hard work, patience and passion.
Usha studied film making with the intention of making films and documentaries which would raise awareness and educate people in these social issues which she felt strongly about. She wanted to give a voice to these people who had none.
She now wants to make more films to raise awareness and focus on social issues which normally go unnoticed and give a voice to those who have been silenced for far too long especially within the South Asian community. Her hope is that seeing a woman of colour directing powerful media will inspire girls, especially within the South Asian community, to follow their own dreams and to understand that it's not okay to be treated the way they have.
Usha Sharma is a professional psychotherapist and counsellor. She has worked as a volunteer counsellor in many women’s centre including Hillingdon Women’s Centre where she was awarded a Certificate of Merit for her support to the community.
During the course of her career, Usha met many women and teenagers who suffered from domestic abuse, sexual abuse and abandonment issues. This got her thinking about the actual support which was available for these women. Many women were actually forced to go back to their abusive partners which resulted in horrific results.
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Movies are a way of giving a voice to the ones who cannot speak for themselves.
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