UrbanEye is a platform for ideas based on the link between the city and cinema, opening the dialogue about the places we live in.

At its fourth edition, UrbanEye Film Festival invites both independent filmmakers and producers, to enter the competition for movies inspired by the Romanian architectural and urban realities. The festival is looking for films where the city, the architecture, or the urban life of Romania are the main characters, the main topics, or significant backgrounds for the stories.
The nominated films will be part of a special screening this autumn during the fourth edition of the international Film Festival that will take place in Bucharest, on 1-5th November. The festival jury will award the UrbanEye Prize for the best film.

- Best Movie Award for films inspired by the ROMANIAN architectural and urban realities - in amount of 500 €, will be granted to the film’s director.


The films can be submitted by every natural person, independent creators, both professional and amateurs (directors, producers etc.) or juridical person (production house).
One applicant can submit one or more films.

To be accepted in the competition, the film must fulfill the following conditions:
- to emphasize subjects related to the Romanian architectural and urban realities;
- to be produced after 1st January 2012;
- to include Romanian and English subtitles (the subtitles can also be provided after the submission, until 22th September 2017);

Creators can submit documentary films, fiction films, experimental or animation films.

* if a film does not adjust to the theme, but the creator still wants to submit it off the competition, please contact UrbanEye at irina@urbaneye.ro.


The film submission is free of charge, it’s done exclusively online and has 2 stages:
a. Film submission (22th June – 30th Julyr)
- submitting the film on the FilmFreeway platform
b. Nominated films material submission (10 – 22th Septemberr)
- subtitles should be available in both Romanian and English (for shootings, scenes spoken in English the subtitle should be in Romanian, for scenes in Romanian the subtitle should be in English; for movies spoken in any other language, the subtitles should be in both Romanian and English);
- photos and the directors' bio-filmography, along with the file for press conference in Romanian and English (if possible);
- all the materials should be sent to this e-mail address: info@urbaneye.ro by 22th September 2017.


All movies submitted by 3o July will be watched by the festival's Selection Committee until 10th September. The Committee will nominate some of the films to be screened in a special selection of the UrbanEye Film Festival 2017. The selected films' applicants will be contacted regarding the nomination by 8th September. From 10 to 22th September, the applicants should confirm they wish to keep their material in the competition. The next step is to submit the materials mentioned at 3.b .
The nominated films will be screened during the festival and will be evaluated by a Jury of specialists in cinematography, architecture and town planning.

The main evaluation criteria is the way in which the architectural and urban context from Romania is represented. The Jury's evaluation will take into account aspects such as theme, visual conception and execution. The Jury's decisions are final and can't be contested.


The applicants must acknowledge that through submission they agree with the contest's terms and conditions mentioned so far, including the following:
- the applicant accept the present regulations;
- the organizer holds the free intellectual property rights for the films nominated for the award;
- the applicants do not violate the legal provisions of applicable intellectual property rights and assume all liability and responsibility related to the content of the film submitted;
- for the nominated films, the organizer may use the information, images, trailers, etc. provided at registration as well as a fragment of the film for promoting the festival in all media before, during and after festival;
- the "ARTA in dialog" association (who organizes UrbanEye Film Festival) reserves the right to screen the nominated films during and after the festival with no additional costs (no more than 10 screenings in Romania and no more than 5 screenings abroad). The films would be used for screening after prior notification of the director / producer.
- the winner of the award must mention the award received, exactly as it was announced by the Jury, both nationally and internationally, in all promotional and advertising materials of the winning film.


Film submission: 22th June –30th July 2017
Notification date: 8th September 2017
Submission of materials for nominated films: 10 – 22th September 2017
Award annoucement: 1-5th November 2017


The information and news regarding the UrbanEye Award are publicly displayed on www.urbaneye.ro and on the UrbanEye Film Festival Facebook page.
Contact: info@urbaneye.ro
UrbanEye Film Festival is a cultural project of ARTA in dialogue association. The festival’s third edition is a cultural project co-financed by The Romanian Order of Architects through architecture stamp.