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Uraan - Where the tales take off

Uraan, is a cinematic biludungsroman- a tale in which characters evolve through love and life. Like those meandering birds flying with the flow of time and space, Charu, Amal and Kasturi- the protagonists in the story- are making their own journeys, making their own flights towards a future that is unknown and ambiguous to them.
The story is weaved against the backdrop of Bengali socio-cultural milieu and is revolving around a cultural institution enriched with Tagore's aesthetics of music and dance. Amal is married to Kasturi and the eventual unknotting of the plot reveals that Charu and Amal used to be sweethearts back in those days when they were students of the cultural institution, who is now married to Arnab, with whoom she has a boy, named Argha.
A parallel narrative is weaved in the story with that of Amal's. The eccentric Jagai, in an idyllic setting, speaks of anguish, of heartbreak, of those dreams lost in the drery desert sand and of those letters he wished to write but couldn’t. He speaks gibberish about those letters which never reached their destination.
What changed their paths, what affected their relationships? Why did Amal leave Charu? Why have they been waiting ? All these questions run through the film and are symbolized by the paper plane Arka has been playing with.
However, quite like life itself, this story does not have a closure, despite having an ending.

  • Raja Ghosh
  • Raja Ghosh
  • R.K. Bhunia
  • Raja Ghosh
  • Shaheb Bhattacharya
    Key Cast
  • Poulami Das
    Key Cast
  • Kasturi Chakraborty
    Key Cast
  • Saswati Guha Thakurata
    Key Cast
  • Soumendra Bhattacharya
    Key Cast
  • Chandan Sen
    Key Cast
  • Judhajit Sarkar
    Key Cast
  • Arnesh
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Feature, Short
  • Genres:
    Romance, Drama
  • Runtime:
    34 minutes 57 seconds
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Raja Ghosh