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My film is an ensemble piece about a rapist, his victim, her friend and a detective. It's a love story that emerges out of a crime drama. It's set in the late summer of 2018 with flashbacks. The victim is a 50 year old nursing supervisor in the small hospital in Red Bluff in Northern California who was raped when she was 17 years old and never told a soul, until she heard the name of the rapist mentioned by chance on the radio. Then she decides to tell a friend who she hadn't seen since high school about the rape and asks her to help devise a plan to make the rapist pay for his crime.
The rapist is now a respected prosecutor in Fresno county who accidentally kills the nurse and then becomes involved in his daughter's life, she is an aspiring actress in Hollywood, after he finds out she had been coerced into having sex with a producer.
The detectives' investigation of the death of the nurse leads him to meet the nurses friend and in a dramatic climax he rescues the friend from the Prosecutor who has become more and more crazed as he tries to prevent anyone from finding out about his past.

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    Police Drama
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    United States
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I got my start acting on stage in Junior High School. I was the lead in many plays and loved to be recognized by the other kids in school for that achievement. I got distracted in high school and didn’t act in theatre but I did act in one student film in which I played a hobo.    I took up acting again my senior year at SFSU. I was studying film making and took the acting class to learn about working with actors to help me with my ambition to be a director. I discovered that I really am an actor first and foremost and would let directing come later. I did write an hour long screenplay and a short. I studied acting some more at SFSU as a grad student in the Theater Arts Dept and at an acting school in SF. I took a class in acting in Shakespeare’s plays at Dominican College in San Rafael and performed as Oberon in an outdoor production of Midsummer’s Night Dream. I acted in a few plays in San Francisco and in my late 20’s I decided to get married, have kids, a girl and a boy, work as a real estate agent. referee high school and community college football games and I did all this with the intention that I would return to acting later in life.  
My return to acting happened when I was 51 years old in 2008. I took an acting class at CCSF, at First Take, and then I found Bobby Weinapple. I attended his work shop for about 5 years. I’ve acted in a few plays in Marin County and in a lot of on camera productions in the Bay Area. In 2018 I started going to auditions in LA and have been cast in a few on camera productions down in my old home town, Los Angeles. I hope to be doing a lot of acting on camera and on stage in LA soon. And I wrote a short a few years ago, just finished this screenplay I'm submitting and will go work, on my next project soon. See me at

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I want to help you think with your heart.