Private Project

Untitled script on emigration

A set of situations from the life of Lev, a Russian emigrant, spanning 7 years.

  • Mark Kvitko
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    Short Script
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    Russian Federation
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Writer - Mark Kvitko
Writer Statement

I don't like writing about Russian society and being political. I could say a lot in a conversation, but I always get stuck when writing it down, like it happened with 'Milk grass', a short film about emigration, which I was stuck writing for a 15-month perioid starting from February 2022, when the war in Ukraine began.

I didn't come up with a title - if you have any suggestions please leave your comments. Hope you enjoy the piece. I feel like it's easy-reading and also in a sense ironic, self-ironic sometimes, which is good. And also quite interestingly capturing modernity.