Untitled "Blues Brothers" series

“Almost a whole decade later, and here we are again. 2 rebel saints, as they travel across country (not by free will by the way.). On “A mission from God”, in order to raise money for bail and other random trials they face. As they travel across country (not by free will by the way.) They bring a new ‘modern’ sense of Brotherhood, Blues, and Bangin’ Entertainment.”

  • Jesse Wheeler
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    Student, Television Script, Other
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    United States
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  • Jesse Wheeler
Writer Biography - Jesse Wheeler

Jesse Wheelers the name & imagination and creativity's the game.
I am 24 Years of age, grew up and reside in Long Branch, NJ currently. I was raised by my grandmother, because my mother was addicted to drugs and did what she knew was best for me and my 4 other siblings. My father I don't know.
I do not attend schooling right now, unfortunately I am currently unemployed as well and strictly focused on my writing intensely to bring the industry a new feel and vibe there losing slowly but surely.

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Writer Statement

I have a dream and passion to bring back good tv and the fundamentals/dialog with sharing my script with you here at Film Freeway and the world 🤙🏽