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Until Now

A war veteran with PTSD campaigning for a state office, must find his addict brother before the brother is apprehended by a vindictive, corrupt police force and reveals the true reason he's on the run; forcing both brothers to discover and embrace each of their own true nature...

Set against the oncoming tsunami of the opioid drug epidemic, all of Bobby McCauley’s sacrifices are coming to fruition-- all polls point to him becoming the next state rep of his hometown suburb, north of Boston… Until Now…
Jack McCauley has kept his demons-- drug peddling, violence, organized crime-- in check, all for his two sons, wife and rebellious stepdaughter, Izzy.
But when an offer helping them escape a menacing neighborhood arises, Jack can’t refuse the lucrative opportunity… or foresee his haphazard decision exposing a fermented secret… Until Now…
Corrupt cops, an undisciplined violent police force… a drug ravaged city; family tragedy… the macabre murder of a prominent priest…
UNTIL NOW is a dramatic dark thriller mystery with a Biblical undertone leading to a twist that allows you to your feet, only to knock you back down again… A story of lost trust, fragmented family bonds rising from the ashes of the past to a shine light on a Leviathan monster lurking in the dark corners of American society.

  • Francis J McNulty
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    United States
  • First-time Screenwriter:
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  • Boston Screenplay Awards
    August 23, 2021
    Best Feature
  • Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards
    Santa Barbara, California
    August 10, 2021
    Quarter-Finalist for Feature Entry
Writer - Francis J McNulty