Uni-Fest Student Film Festival is bringing together film students in Georgia to show off how great Georgia film is and give an opportunity for students to learn from industry professionals through workshops, chat with local companies and make connections for future employment, and network with your fellow peers in film.

We want to make this a festival that helps you as a filmmaker grow, by giving an outlet for you to share your voice, and to learn from professionals about the business. We will have discussions with people working in the Film and Television Industries, as well as local companies who are always looking to hire and/or network! And of course, the main event: competing against your fellow classmates. Many awards and prizes will be given out! We'll see which school brings out the most talent!

The details are as follows:
There will be a main competition between the films selected for the festival, and awards will be given out in various categories.
Uni-Fest will be held over two nights, Saturday April 18th and Sunday April 19th, with awards given out each night and the final overall awards given out Sunday night!

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Screenplay
Best Performance in a Leading Role
Best Production Design
Best Editing
Best Sound Design

Filmmakers need to submit:
1) One film at a maximum of 10 minutes long.
2) A screenplay for the film, if the submitter wishes to compete for best screenplay.

All Georgia students at least 18 years or older are welcome to submit. If you live outside of Georgia, are not a student, or are not 18 years old by March 13th, 2020, you are NOT eligible to submit.

Please only submit ONE film.