Understanding Climate Change

Climate change is a universal and complex set of issues. There are numerous natural events and cycles which impact the global climate. For example, volcanic activity, solar variations, axial precession, ocean currents, El Nino-La Nina cycles, and Pacific Decadal Oscillation. These are areas that we will explore during this episode. Then there is what is known as human-induced or anthropogenic climate change. These are changes in the global climate that are attributed to human activities that considerably increase levels of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (otherwise known as CO2), as well as methane, nitrous oxide (otherwise known as NOx) and fluorinated gases. All of these are gases which prevent heat from leaving our atmosphere and exacerbate what is known as the greenhouse effect. These are also areas that we will be examining during this episode. Our exploration of climate change will be based upon peer-reviewed evidence. During our exploration we will be looking primarily at the practical elements and issues. This episode begins by defining both the terms climate change and global warming, before taking a visual journey to get a glimpse of some of the Earth’s natural environments and of the species who call Earth home. The purpose of the journey is to help lend context to some of the fundamental reasons why we are learning about climate change and how to properly address it. Next, we will look at what the Greenhouse Effect is and how it is changing, before exploring the natural events and cycles that impact the Earth’s climate, oceans and surface conditions. From there we shall examine the anthropogenic impacts on the global climate. Then we will conclude with the effective global efforts that are being made to contend with climate change. Efforts which include technologies, legal frameworks and realistic adaptations to our personal behavior. The overall goal of this episode is to help clarify the fundamentals of climate change and to provide the knowledge of how to contend with it in a meaningful and confident way.

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Director Biography - Scott Phipps


Dr. Scott M. Phipps

Originating from Canada, Scott has focused much of his training and experience on international sustainable development, climate change, clean energy technologies, mediation, and policy and international legal issues. He has worked in various parts of the world and within numerous sectors. Having travelled much of the world and lived, studied in and worked on 5 continents, Scott is fortunate to have learned a lot about humanity and the world we live in; and to gain a sense of appreciation for life and a broad range of experience that enables him to engage people and foster meaningful dialogue and relationships. As the founder of the Clean Development Group Inc. (CDG), Scott has been focused upon the fundamental international sustainable development issues of fostering sustainable global development through legal frameworks, clean energy infrastructure, and advancing water resource management, while effectively bridging the global digital divide areas of e-Health, Education and Governance. With a career spent predominantly in the public, international and academic sectors Scott spent the most recent part of his career within the private sector, working to help better integrate the unique skill-sets of all sectors (e.g. public, private, civil society, IO and academic), as well as to humanize the private sector and further corporate responsibility. The theme of Scott’s career has been sustainable development, which has included time spent as: a university professor; speech-writer and political adviser for federal Member’s of Parliament and a Minister of the Canadian government; as a senior manager in the global tech sector (microchips); as an international news anchor (BON); and as the CEO of two corporations (CDG, SSI). The United Nation's has formally recognized his global efforts and Scott has worked to further foster this relationship and the healthy synergies it holds for practical global development. Scott’s academic background includes: an Honors BA in international politics from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada; time spent studying environmental economics issues at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; a Masters of Science degree in Media and Communications/Development from the London School of Economics, London, England; and a PhD in International Law (environmental law and arbitration) at China's top law school (CUPL), as a CSC scholar. As well as training and certifications from Harvard university and the United Nations.

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The vodcast is focused upon examining global issues and events that impact large numbers of people, animals, plants and other lifeforms around the globe.