Our purpose of hosting this type of Film Festival is to highlight fresh and new stories crafted by directors, writers, actors/actresses, and producers whose work qualifies as "Under 3". If your project has won "Under 3" awards in film festivals, then you're eligible to submit the project to our film fest!

CAA's goal is to create a space to encourage and highlight new stories in both live action and animated short films. The "Under 3 Film Fest" aims to set a precedent for showcasing independent artists and up-and-coming talent directly to Compton, California and beyond with our online reach. This is our first year running and we are building towards longevity in the film festival circuit.

Your participation in this film fest helps the Compton Artists Alliance fulfill it's mission of showcasing talent in Compton to help further develop the art community in the city. This digital showcase will help lay our foundation for our future film festivals. Your art will help to inspire more writers, film-makers, actors, actresses, and producers for future generations.

• 10/30 - Private Screening, Film Panel Discussion & Fundraiser@ CAC HQ

• 11/15-11/30 - Film Festival (VIRTUAL) (Tix available only on FilmFreeway)

• 11/21 - Virtual Film Panel Discussion

• 11/27 - Film Screening @ Compton Community Garden
(Tix reservations available only on event brite starting November 1st)

Awards for Best Film Per Category and Prizes include a medal and certificate. Prizes will also include Gifts/Equipment (lenses, cameras, speakers, art equipment, etc)

Film Festival Rules:
All Films are to be 44 minutes or less (except the entries for the long-short film category). Films must fit into the designated categories. Categories for film entries are as follows:

*Animation Short Film (44 mins or less)
*Action Short Film (44 mins or less)
*Horror Short Film (44 mins or less)
*Narrative Short Film (44 mins or less)
*Music Video Short Film (44 mins or less)
*Long Short Film (45 mins to 60 mins)
*Super Short Film (Under 5 mins)
*Ultra Short Film (Under 60 seconds)
*Sci-Fi Short Film (44 mins or less)
*Experimental Short Film (44 mins or less)

All Films are subject to review by our board. Any projects/entries/films that promote any messages of hate, discrimination, lewdness, vulgarity, or excessive use of negative imagery, pornography, excessive/crude violence will be subject to disqualification. If your film does not qualify, you will be notified of the rejection with an explanation via email.

Films will be available for review by our ticket holders for a two week window from November 15, 2020 - November 30, 2020.