YOUR FILM SUBMISSION IS AN ELECTRONIC SIGNITURE STATING YOU HAVE READ ALL THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE AND AND KNOW YOU ARE SUBMITTING YOUR FILM TO BE INCLUDED IN A HARD COPY BLURAY AND DVD RELEASE. Undead Drive-In is an anthology film from Extreme Entertainment with an exclusive distribution partnership from Wild Eye Releasing.   The basic film takes place in a Drive In Theater on one dark and stormy night when the projectionist gets possessed by demons from hell and goes MAD!  This is the wrap-around segment and the films submitted will be the movies being shown at the Drive In Theater during this rampage of destruction perpetrated on carloads of unsuspecting moviegoers!  We envision the film to be like an ultimate party movie, with atmosphere, nostalgia and old fashioned Horror done with a new, modern twist!!!! 

From April 1st until July 1st Extreme Entertainment will be taking submissions of short films no longer than 10 minutes in length to be part of this anthology. The submitted films must meet the criteria listed in the submission guidelines for consideration. After the submission period, the officers of Extreme Entertainment will view all the submitted screeners and pick the best ones. We will be looking for creativity and imagination. Please check the SUBMISSIONS area for details.  We will notify submitters on status no later than August 1st. 



If you are picked we will ask you for a hard copy of your film on a specified media format as needed for inclusion in the final master of the film. You will need to give us permission to use the film in the anthology. We will not cut or censor the films. You would sign a contract with us giving us the proper rights to your work to submit it to our sponsor and distributor. We would ask you to provide any credits as well as behind the scenes footage if you have any for the DVD. These will all need to be provided no later than August 15th. 

Undead DriveIn Submission Guidelines:

The entry period is from April 1st 2016 until July 1st 2016

Format: 1080p or 1080i HD 

We have a few simple rules for filmmakers.  

First of all we do not censor your work. You have total freedom of artistic expression.  The few rules below,  are for quality and style only.  

*Length: 10 minutes or less (not including credits)

*Avoid Found Footage 

*No Excessive Shaky Cam

*Save the torture for Saw movies. 

*We want these films to be fun, a throwback to a simpler time when rubber monsters ruled the cinema.  CGI is discouraged. Lots of rubber, slime, blood, breasts, and beasts are encouraged.  Most of all we want the viewer to have a lot if fun watching this anthology. We want the people along the film's to have fun making them.  Slashers, vampires, zombies, mummies, demons, witches and werewolves... the more monsters the better. 

Submit an online screener link via the handy form below - in the SUBJECT line, give the FILM NAME - OR - Send your online screener info along with name and e-mail to

 Email for questions or more info