Tonton Manu

90 minutes documentary
"Happy Birthdays"
Manu Dibango is eighty years old.
Smiling like a kid, he blows out his birthday cake candles, followed by applause. An hour and half later, he is eighty-five years old. Between these two milestone birthdays, the film directors followed in the day to day footsteps of this smiling, debonair giant; for whom the expression, "quiet strength" seems to have been coined. Composer, musician, journalist, an ambassador of the Francophone world, honoured and distinguished around the world; Manu Dibango has remained himself wherever he may find himself. To the greats of this world, he speaks without flattery, and addresses the lowly with respect, without any condescension. During these five years, from Paris to Douala, from Kinshasa to Rio, from New York to Saint Calais, a small village in La Sarthe where he spent part of his childhood, a curious, open, joyful, honest and caring Manu Dibango crossed fellow brethren.
"A dream bigger than him"
He sometimes evokes the past, but with no place for regret or nostalgia. Manu Dibango is a man of the present, a man in motion, who has a dream greater than himself: to be a bridge between cultures, between generations, between continents. His multiple roots tell the story of his vision of the world, that of mixing, of horizons that cross and enrich each other, of cultures that marry to give birth to a more generous, more human world. He can be both warm and modest. To testify, there are those who love him and surround him, those who have met him and who will never forget him. From Yannick Noah - who calls him Uncle Manu - to Charlélie Couture and Ray Léma, their testimonies reveal the multiple facets of this art lover with a great A. The art he says is all that remains after man: "After all, who remembers who was a minister in Beethoven's time? No one. What's left is Beethoven's work! »
"Behind every note is Africa"
Manu Dibango is a man in a hurry who knows how to take his time. The film is in his image, giving way to long musical tracks, rehearsals, concerts, improvisations, moments of sharing with fellow artists in music, moments of grace where the unique voice of his swinging saxophone flies, swings, sways, exults or murmurs like a confidence.
His love of mixing is also expressed in his practice: this adventurer of music continues to clear unexplored spaces. He is now working to combine his music with that of a symphony orchestra, helping to bring together two worlds that have always been ignored.
Again and again, this unceasing quest for sharing, for sharing the world's cultural treasures, because once and for all, "we must stop being alone together"...
© Bonne Nouvelle production / cinq2trois Production Thierry Dechilly / Patrick Puzenat

  • Patrick Puzenat
  • Thierry Dechilly
  • Puzenat-Dechilly-Saadia
  • Puzenat-Dechilly
  • Manu Dibango
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    Tonton Manu
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    1 hour 30 minutes
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    221,000 EUR
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    Brazil, Cameroon, Congo, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Côte d'Ivoire, France, Guadeloupe, United Kingdom, United States
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    Country: France
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Director Biography - Patrick Puzenat, Thierry Dechilly

« TONTON MANU », documentaire long métrage co‐réalisé avec Thierry DECHILLY ‐ Sortie en salles prévue 1er semestre 2021 (actuellement en postproduction)
Co-producteur du premier film d’Olivier VIDAL et Sébastien MAGGIAN : Hasta Manana
Réalisation : Poisson parmi les poissons 13’,
Co-producteur de films courts-métrages : Taïaut 12’, Lapinou et le sirop magique 10’, Tchelabinsk 26’ prime qualité CNC
Production et réalisation d’une série de films fictions 6\ 10’sur le futur vu par IBM /Lotus Producteur, auteur du court-métrage : Quand la roue tourne 15’ de Laurent Germain- Maury avec P. Légitimus, R. Marquisio, (TPS).
Fictions : Canal + : Le JDEFictions de 80 X 15” à l’écriture, tournage, montage
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Producteur d’artistes de spectacles licence 2-1021050
Réalisateur (Documentaire : Génération Future 52’) Multi-dif : Season
Documentaires / reportages internes : Le rachat de Mikassa par la Cristallerie d’Arc 13’, 24 H Le lancement du Parisien dimanche 52’
Documentaire / reportage : L’histoire de la vitesse 26’, Canal +, Bonne fête Léo 52’, 1 an chez les forains : Production CCMM, S’en sortir 3 X 6 \ La difficulté des SDF, Canal+
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Canal+ : 24Hchez RTF 52’, Sans Télé 26’
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On arrive à poil , on repart à poil, entre les deux c'est bien de s'amuser un peu... " Manu Dibango"