Unbalanced Harmony

Amidst a lush jungle-themed restaurant, two souls intertwine like nature's vines, sharing delicate secrets. A mysterious figure's intrusion disrupts their harmony, igniting an emotional tempest that tests their unity and unravels dominance and intrigue.

  • Abhishek Mishrra
    A Combat Of The Most Intriguing Mind, Skirt That Bleeds, Confession Of A Felon Mind, Fading Night That Shallows A Breath, The Wishes That Urges The Mute Boy Talking, The Silent Screech Of An Innocent
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
  • Genres:
    Psychological drama, suspense, thriller
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Writer Biography - Abhishek Mishrra

Abhishek has been passionate about movies since his childhood. He embarked on his screenwriting journey during the pandemic. He has written 6 shorts thus far.

Fueled by the never give up attitude, he has created a distinct portfolio of award-winning shorts, and he's still up to revising all his shorts to make them emotionally charged and visually appealing, alongside he's writing a feature and developing a pilot for a limited series. "A Combat Of The Most Intriguing Mind" is a regular on Coverfly Red List and is currently in 7th position on the Red List.

Four of his other shorts, "Confession Of A Felon Mind, "Skirt That Bleeds", "Fading Night That Shallows A Breath", and "The Wishes That Urges The Mute Boy Talking", are also equally intriguing.

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