Your soul roars
You're feeling damp inside
You try to hide you was burn, born in a world that ignores the least, the poor and the small
There is an everlasting love we all hold within

Pre Chorus:
There will be rain
Some people with umbrella
Some with raincoats and rubber boots
I do know for those who have no shade
There always a rainbow
The sun will come out one day

So I be your Umbrella
You can embrace me my dear
Long as we have each other
You will never be alone under my Umbrella
You can stand with me.
Me! Me!
I will help to protect you from being soak and torn under my Umbrella

As we get older we seen to forget that roses do have thorns
There is never a good time without a storm
The coldest heart that feel so poor need someone to lean on
Thunder may shake the ground and lighting fill our skies
But you can count on me to be always around

Repeat Pre Chorus
Repeat Chorus

That's what a true companion
That what a true friend does
There no hatred that will separate us
We know each other for to long

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