Human gestures are not generally objectified as a result of expression in which emotions, inspiration, relationships, and instincts are interlocked with the duration of time.
The "UNSEEN ECHOS" project is a study of various human gestures can be framed in still image, and is the result of an experiment of the emotions and expressions contained in human gestures as an object condensed continuity of time.

  • Junghoon Oh
  • Date Taken:
    November 3, 2022
  • Country of Origin:
    Korea, Republic of
  • Camera:
  • Lens:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Korean National University of Arts
  • 2023 Dek Unu Magazine, Tusis III – Vision and Craft
    July 1, 2023
    August special edition
  • 2023 CICA Museum, International Exhibition, “Perspectives 2024"
    July 1, 2023
  • 2023 The Motif Collective - International Fine Art Photography Awards
    July 1, 2023
    Shortlisted into the top tier
Artist Biography

- currently studying at Korean National University of Arts in Photography major (M.F.A)
- previously working as a cultural property repair technician

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Artist Statement

My work inspired by past experiences is largely influenced by two main perspectives.

First, my experience of starting training in college and working as an expert cultural property repair technician has changed my view of the subject. Even if the object is not a living creature, I focus on the emotions and stories contained in the object and space I see, as well as the energy they possess.

The second inspiration is from the emotions I experience while taking photos of artworks and archival objects in my studio. The process of being photosensitive and developing them in the dark room to create a still images feel like a magical moment, akin to summoning. In the moment when the light reaches me and the subject in the same space, I strongly feel a connection to the subject. Such an invisible relationships between me and the subject is formed through the shared experience of light.

As such, the way of "seeing subjects" evolved through past experiences has transformed into the way of "feeling the invisible(Unseen) energy(echoes).”