*** COVID-19 shutdown message ***

UKOWF 2021 (1st or 2nd week of October) is a long way off, and who knows where we will be, however, the UKOWF team would like to reassure everyone that we are committed to holding the 6th UK Offline Web Fest in 2021 in some form, continuing to support filmmakers, artists, and audiences. Whether this will be at our beloved venues, online, a mixture of the two, or something else entirely we do not yet know… We’ll keep you posted as our plans evolve -

Stay tuned and #Stayhome.


We are proud to announce that we are sponsored by "I Love WebSeries" and we are an IMDb Qualified event!

We are officially recognized by the "International Online Web Fest" as UK Official Provider. Selected shorts and/or web series will qualify for IOWF® considerations.

In our last years, we received more than 600 submissions with over a dozen of Universities and Film-Schools participating in our web festival. And the last two winning-award actresses: Jordan Baker and Sophia Myles won "International Online Web Fest", too. We strive to bring filmmakers from all over the UK under one spotlight on the world stage. We continue to represent filmmakers from all levels and experiences.

UKOWF is based in London, with our jury located around the world including the United Kingdom, USA, France, and Italy. All the short films and series will go through a reviewable process by our highly experienced juries, who will go through an evaluation process and select the films.

Projects that receive top marks from our judges are official selections of the festival. The programming committee then will select a smaller selection of films to screen live (or online if COVID-19 restrictions occur) at the festival from the official selection. All official selections are eligible to win an award at the award ceremony concluding the festival.
To be eligible for the 2021 competition, entries must have been completed between January 31, 2019, and the festival date for the Festival Premieres. Only projects from all over the UK are eligible. Submissions need to be made in the UK to qualify unless you are submitting in the WORLD PREMIERE category.

We welcome submissions from a range of genres including short films, documentaries, animations, and web series.
Our objective is to provide support for film-makers through reviewing, judging, marketing, and distribution networking. Our judges are actively looking to acquire shorts, features, and series to broadcast all over the world. Your submission could warrant the biggest prize of all, the deal you broke with one of our distributors if your film is selected.
With our live screenings at Camden Town, we aim to showcase and promote the work of filmmakers. We believe our Web Fest will give filmmakers a chance to showcase their work to a very wide range of audiences.

We are very excited to review your project and observe the detailed creativity of your work from anywhere in the UK!

Best Web Series
Best Short Film
Best Director
Best Student Film (or Web Series)
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Documentary/Mockumentary
Best Music
Best VFX
Best Screenplay

We only award the best independent filmmakers after a comprehensive evaluation process. Our judges evaluate the quality of filmmaking, creativity, and storytelling ability.
Our judges will nominate 5 nominees per each category to receive a screening in our Live program.
All selected nominees will be invited to our live screening at the Camden Town for the opportunity to meet people from the same industry. (In case of ONLINE edition for COVID-19 restrictions, nominees will be invited to join our streaming private-party).


a) All webisodes must be under 30 minutes including credits, and they will be accepted only if the Producer or the Director is a British resident (exception made if the web series is produced by a UK Company).

b) All short films must be under 30 minutes including credits, and they will be accepted only if the Producer or the Director is a British resident (exception made if the short film is produced by a UK Company).

c) In UKOWF 2021, there will be a "WORLD PREMIERE" category open to any international project that MUST be unreleased until the date 15 October 2021. It means that if you are going to plan a public presentation before Oct. 15, avoid submitting in this category. All submitters in the "WORLD PREMIERE" category will receive a review published on our blog/site partners, and they will be screened live in London during the UKOWF (or online if COVID-19 restrictions occur).

d) Each production submitted will be rated by our judges on a very specific 1-10 scale. 
The highest-rated webisode or short film in each category will be showcased as an "Official Selection" @ LIVE EVENT. 

e) Please note that a short film has to be terminated from January 2020 to this day for being eligible to participate in UK Offline Web Fest and it has NOT to be online available worldwide at the moment of submission. 

f) In the case of webisodes, they can be already online, but they don't have to be published before September 2019. 

g) Finalists will be announced at the end of each Season (beginning of March; end of May; end of August), while nominees will be announced at the beginning of September 2021 and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in London (UK) in October 2021.

h) Before submitting your film to UK Offline Web Fest 2021 please read carefully and understand the regulations. 
It is possible to submit more than one project, but every project entails an application fee.

i) No Refund is allowed in any case.