Twelve plateaus for nine empty rooms

12 plateaus for nine empty rooms is a performative poem by the artist Jan Marceau carried out throughout 2022 in different motels in the center of Medellín. (Habitat 49, El Palo, Hotel Gold, Punto Clave, the Hotel Blis Suite, or Le Couple Suite).

It was born from the idea that had been around for years about the work of Sophie Calle El Hotel (L'hôtel) when she was given the job of a maid in a hotel in Venice for three weeks and that she would take a series of photographs with a written diary. In my particular case, I am inspired by this, but unlike Calle, my performance does not consist of asking for a job there, but that I date people for a year, all unknown women and whom I had never seen or had any contact with in any way. person. I only used one chat channel ( With this, I began to have appointments, thus stipulating some rules of the game for my research, which gradually took shape.

For this reason, the construction of this videopoetry starts from this inquiry, which was first the poem to later become a political, plastic and installation act.

  • Jan Marceau
  • Jan Marceau
  • Jan Marceau
  • Jan Marceau
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Doce mesetas para nueve habitaciones vacías
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Other
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 37 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 6, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    300 USD
  • Country of Origin:
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Jan Marceau

Individual exhibition trajectory:

2022 / Nakami 中身/ Foro Bartola, Orizaba 156, Roma Nte, /Mexico City
2017 / XILO Casa Taller/ Degree exhibition “Project: transits of a city M. / Medellín
2016 / “Dé Collage”/ Video-Installation/ La 50 cultural/ Road House Foundation/ Manizales
2015 /“Dé Collage” /Video-Installation / Workshop 7 / Medellín
2011 /Photography /GozArte Corporation /Envigado

Collective exhibitions trajectory:

2022/Intermediaciones IX / Exhibition of Video Art and Experimental Video/ Correspondence / Medellín
2022 /1º REDIV UNIVERSITY SHOW / Metamorfo / Mexico City
2022 /DANZFAGIA / International Videodance Festival / Piece for a confinement. The time of the wolf / Coyoacán, Mexico City
2021 /Intermediations VIII / Video Art & Experimental Video Show /Sorry the march will not be broadcast /Medellín
2021 /BOREAL SCREENDANCE FESTIVAL 2nd Edition Gallery Mjólkurbúðin in Akureyri / Piece for a confinement. The time of the wolf / Iceland
2021 /LA MIRADA INQUIETA/ 2nd Edition International Exhibition of Experimental Cinema and New Media/ Virus porn / Cuba
2020 /Intermediations VII / Video Art & Experimental Video /Virus porn /Medellín
2020 /Bogotá Experimental Film Festival / Shot 06/11 /Bogotá
2020 /OTHER LANDSCAPES National Exhibition / Vartex 8 Video and Experimental Exhibition /
Dé-construction / Medellín
2020 / Exhibition LA MALOCA / Museum of Modern Art of Bucaramanga / Give Landscape / Bucaramanga
2019 /Intermediations VI / Video Art & Experimental Video Exhibition / Dé Landscape /Medellín
2018 /Archipiélago Medellín Compromiso.D Artists Hall
South American Art Gallery / Walking Tales / Medellín
2018 / I EXPO Contemporary Art Visits the Province José Acevedo y Gómez House of Culture / Dé Collage / Charalá, Santander
2018 /OTHER LANDSCAPES / in Cumandá Urban Park / Dé-construcción / Quito, Ecuador
2018 /OTHER LANDSCAPES / in the City of Art Museo Zapadores / Dé-construcción / Madrid, Spain
2018 /Intermediations V/ Sample of Video Art & Experimental Video / Take 11/06 /Medellín
2018 /OTHER LANDSCAPES / Beyond Words /Art Space Tel Aviv /Art Gallery /Dé-construcción/
Tel-Aviv, Israel
2018 /OTHER LANDSCAPES international curatorial project of video art and video performance. /
Dé-construction/ Pereira Art Museum
2018/ IN FOCUS II International Exhibition of VideoArt Casa Museo La Bagatela in Villa del Rosario.
Dé-construction “Norte de Santander
2017 /Intermediations IV / Video Art & Experimental Video Exhibition / Dé Construcción /Medellín
2016 /Intermediations III / Video Art & Experimental Video Show / Tranvía 42 /Medellín
2015 /Intermediations II / Video Art & Experimental Video Exhibition / Dé Collage /Medellín
2014 /Intermediations / Exhibition of Video Art & Experimental Video /4´38´ /Medellín
2014 /Lab 44 the ritual of performance /Paul Bardwell Contemporary Art Gallery, Colombo Americano Medellín / Central Office.
2012 / Under construction with Natalia Pilo-País / Photography / Casa Tres Patios

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Commitment as an artist:

Jan Marceau is interested in creating relationships between his work and the public, through experimentation, where he explores the work of the body, drawing, performance, dance and video. Thus, his work weaves narratives of the city, and maps landscape elements, also appropriating archive material.