Tricia Murajda is a Sociologist and filmmaker based in San Francisco, California.
The granddaughter of Slavic immigrant steelworkers, she grew up outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Trained as an ethnographer, she merges her academic research into visual projects. Beginning in 2002, she explored the El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico border, documenting women’s groups addressing violence and femicides. Her photographic work has been exhibited in numerous Bay Area venues as well as with the Global Fund for Women's MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe project.
Her work often addresses overlooked communities, their social and creative forms of resistance and reinvention. She seeks to provide a platform for stories and unheard voices that is accessible to all.
Her most recent documentary, Down the House, is an exploration of her family’s hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania, once the epicenter of global steel production. Left abandoned by the government in the 1980’s, residents overcome violence, poverty and political invisibility to reinvent their town.
Murajda’s career has centered around teaching in working class communities; she currently teaches courses in Sociology and Women’s Studies in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Producer (1 Credit)
    Down the House2020
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    Down the House2020
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    Down the House2020
Birth City
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Current City
San Francisco, California