Launched in 2011 by students of THINK Global School., this nomadic film festival showcases the digital storytelling by students and lifelong learners from around the world.

TSFF has two main focuses: to celebrate short films created by students across the globe and to share them with a global community; and to inspire local creativity in a location somewhere around the world to find and create meaningful stories from their communities.

This year that location is New Zealand and the 7th annual Travelling Shorts Film Festival will take place in on the Kapiti Coast of NZ, at Event Cinemas (to be confirmed).

We select shorts that qualify within our four categories to create a dynamic program and an exciting night.

Documentary Shorts :: Local Students (U25) :: 1-15 minutes
Documentary Shorts :: International Students (U25) :: 1-15 minutes
Narrative Shorts :: Local Students (U25) :: 1-15 minutes
Narrative Shorts :: International Students (U25) :: 1-15 minutes
Lifelong Learners :: All entrants over 25 years old :: 1-20 minutes

Submissions are always free for student filmmakers and all filmmakers are encouraged to submit numerous eligible films (see Rules & Regulations for eligibility requirements).

Official Selections will be publicly announced on November 22nd, and award winners will be publicly announced on December 14, 2018 during the Festival.

The winners for each of the categories will receive a to-be-determined prize and all accepted submissions will receive a VIP invitation to the Film Festival.

Rules for Submission

- The submitting filmmaker must be either the producer or director of the film.
- Entries are accepted exclusively on the TSFF FilmFreeway page.
- Entrants to any student category must be below the age of 25. Date of birth must be provided in your FilmFreeway profile.
- Submissions into the local categories must either be:
- Made by citizens/residents of the festival country (New Zealand for 2018);
- Made by filmmakers living or studying in the festival country;
- Or filmed primarily in (and have a focus on) the festival country.
- Filmmakers of any selected films give TSFF permission to use their films, or clips thereof, for any promotional and publicity purposes deemed appropriate.

Film Eligibility
To be eligible for TSFF2018, films must comply with the following:
- The film must have been completed on or after January 1st, 2017.
- The film must be accessible and available online from the date of submission until December 7, 2018.
- There must not be a screening fee attached to the film. TravShortsFest will not pay a screening fee to any film featured in the Festival; there are no exceptions.
- To be eligible, every film must be available for exhibition as a digital file. Files must be at least 720p.
- Non-English films must be subtitled in English.
- Short films must be submitted via a link to a functional streaming video file on Vimeo or YouTube; or on a downloadable file. All streaming submissions must be HD (720p or 1080p, etc). Official Selection winners will be requested to allow for download of the video file to allow for an uninterrupted screening. If the link is password-protected, please provide the password.