The International Video Art Festival Transmission is held for the first time in Karlsruhe and Athens with the aim of bringing new proposals of national and international artists to the public. The festival screening will take place in two places simultaneously – in Durlach Orgelfabrik in Karlsruhe, Germany and Owl Art Space in Athens, Greece from 22.-24. April 2016.

The main subject of the festival – transmission – is the act of conveyance or a transfer, not only in terms of power, electricity or information, but also as the act of communicating ideas, passing on emotion, a thought or a concept through artistic message.

Submissions are reviewed until the beginning of april 2016. You will receive an email notification when a decision has been made whether or not your piece is included in our program. The winner of the prize „The Golden Pyramid“ and the audience award will be announced on 24th of april.

audience and jury trophies

„The Golden Pyramid“

Submitted video art pieces must

– be single channel works / projects that collects single-channel works
– not exceed the duration of 15 minutes
– be copyright controlled by the artist
– should contain the reference to the festival topic – transmission
– if your video isn't in English or German, please add English subtitles