Private Project

Translates to Harmony

Harmony is an introverted 16-year-old living in Brisbane, Australia with her strict single mother, Lin. Due to her mother’s constant stream of boyfriends and odd jobs, they constantly move from place to place. One day after school, she comes home to Lin packing up their belongings - they are moving, once again.

Harmony and Lin arrive in Chinchilla, a broken-down country town. They are greeted by Donna and John Lam, the owners of the local Chinese restaurant. Desperate to make money to provide for her daughter, Lin begins working at the Lams’ restaurant and enrolls Harmony in the local high school, much to her disdain. After noticing her a bruise on Lin’s arm, Harmony begins to accept her new situation.

A new takeaway restaurant opens in town, forcing John to fire Lin due to their now lack of customers. Harmony and Lin arrive in Dalby and check into a previous restaurant customer Gary’s motel. Gary gives Lin a job as a receptionist at the motel. One night, Gary and Lin try to convince Harmony to move into Gary’s large house and finish her final year of high school at a nearby private school.

Stunned by her mother’s deception, Harmony runs away that night and boards a greyhound bus to Melbourne with just her suitcase and backpack. Without a plan, she arrives at Jenna’s apartment, who now lives in Melbourne. Harmony then explores the city by herself where a Chinese woman asks her to take a photo of her and her 8-year-old daughter. Suddenly, Harmony is confronted with her feelings of now being alone without her mother.

A few days later, Harmony arrives outside the motel to see Lin working behind the counter. After a long moment, they finally make eye contact, and both quietly smile at the sight of each other.

  • Abby Pan
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    United States
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    Chinese, English
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Writer - Abby Pan