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Transition of the moon

One night, a fallen star from the sky started the journey along the scary goblin-road. After acquiring eyes and body it slowly becomes human. Then he got on the solar system spaceship to get to the temple where Moon God and Sun God lives. Moon God and Sun God are his mother and father. With all his love, Moon and Sun whisper to the stars and bless his new start as human on Earth. Using Tilt Brush & Blocks as a basic 3D tool for VR film production, the motion of film animation was implemented in the early 20th century. The first story of the <Letters> project trilogy is <Birth>.

  • Seo Kim
  • Youngho Myung
  • Seo Kim
    Character Design & 3D Modeling
  • Youngho Myung
    Character Design & 3D Modeling
  • Seo Kim
    Space Design & 3D Drawing
  • Youngho Myung
    Space Design & 3D Drawing
  • Yonghee Kim
    3D Animaion
  • Youngjin Oh
    3D Animaion
  • Minsung Park
    VR Programming
  • Seungchul Hyun
    VR Programming
  • Hyunsoo Kim
    Music & Effects Sound
  • Kyusik Chang
    VR Sound Design
  • Youngchan Kim
  • Sojung Jang
    Poster Design
  • Sunboy Lee
    Distribution & Production Support
  • Sojung Myung
    Original Image
  • Seo Kim
    Original Story
  • Jaegon Jang
    VR Technical Support
  • Sungbaek Hwang
    VR Technical Support
  • Justin Randoll
    Poly 3D Remix Artist
  • Evol
    Poly 3D Remix Artist
  • Scott Marshall
    Poly 3D Remix Artist
  • Seo Kim
  • Youngho Myung
  • Project Type:
    Virtual Reality, 360 Video
  • Genres:
    Road fantasy
  • Runtime:
    9 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    August 31, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    50,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    Korea, Republic of
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
    October 13, 2021
    World Premiere
    Official Selection
  • 2021 23th Bucheon International Animation Festival
    Korea, Republic of
    October 22, 2021
    Korea Premiere
    Official Selection
  • 2022 6th Arthouse Asia Film Festival
    April 29, 2022
    India Premiere
    Official Selection
  • 2022 30th Florida Film Festival
    Orlando Maitland, Florida, USA
    May 2, 2022
    North American Premiere
    Official Selection
  • 2022 37th ALPINALE Short Film Festival
    August 9, 2022
    Austria Premire
    Official Selection
  • 2022 5th TIAF-Tbilisi International Animation Festival
    November 3, 2022
    Georgia Premiere
    Official Selection
  • 2022 7th FICMA-Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos
    Mexico City
    November 22, 2022
    Mexico Premiere
    Official Selection
Director Biography - Seo Kim, Youngho Myung

Seo Kim (Minkyung Kim) is a producer who has developed a number of TV series,
films, and screenplays. She is also known as the director of numerous
experimental films, dance films, and FT Island’s music video. Co-director Youngho
Myung started his career as a TV producer specializing in educational and
entertainment shows and also worked as an assistant director of the film Public
Enemy. He has directed a number of film trailers, short films, and interactive films.
He is currently developing a feature-length VR film.
Kim and Myung are the co-CEOs of Studio ZinZa, a creative collective that thrives
to produce daring yet popular videos by promoting collaborations among creators
specialized in various visual contents such as films and music videos. Studio ZinZa
has been experimenting with different media forms and creating new
combinations with them by exploring a world of storytelling characterized by
cinematic narrative and interaction, and directing and developing videos. Their
major focus is on building a creative studio specialized in VR/MR storytelling and
Art/Cinematic VR with great artistic sensibility.
Following the production of I Make Birds, they are currently working on the
second “I Make...” VR project called I Make Letters. By focusing on VR films, they
continue to experiment with the narrative and image structure of VR films and
explore the expandability of media that cross different boundaries.

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Director Statement

▶ONE - Introduction to Production

Two creators (movie/animation&drawing book) are working on a VR movie based on characters and stories from a girl who loves to draw and write.
"Letters" uses the Korean letter “giyuk” from “hangul” to create a character “gaga (symbolic motif of "We are all one letter")” and is composed of the story in 3 parts by visualizing cycle of life and death using imagination, music and dance.
Part 1 - "The transition of the moon" is about genesis of the life.
It is a story that metaphorizes the birth of "gaga" as the process of human birth and describes it as an abstract space trip.
One night, when a star falls from heaven to earth, his long journey begins...
Creators divided the space of goblin road(Dokkaebi-gil) and ZIP into several spaces, creating a scene of narratives.
The audience travels the spaces by following camera’s movement and experiences the union, division and development with various sounds and images.
The second part, "The Goblins," is in a form of music video so that the audience can experience performance in which people watch goblin dances along with Guk-Ak(Korean traditional music) in The Goblin's Miro and the Goblin Temple Space.
The third part, "The Flight of Characters," is about the Death, which visualizes the process of completing its life in the cloud valley and the tree space and finally returning to the sky.
Audience walks along the path as if walking on water with a meditative slow breath.
The three parts will be produced and released in stages.

▶TWO - Creative Technical note

In "Letters", we use Tilt Brush & Blocks as the basic tool for making VR movies. In particular, the musical element of Sound Animation using the Tilt Brush is very important in this project. it uses musical sensibility to delivers narrative sand produces animations based on musical rhythms. Through algorithms that move or stop objects with specific frequencies, we studied VR technology that produces Tilt Brush & Blocks sound animation and that lead us to use it to produce the goblin dance in animation. also the movement of the camera in the VR space is very important. This is because the movement of the camera in VR space such as horizontal, vertical, depth, rotation and speed, creates a visual frame for the audiences who became (experience thru VR) space travelers and are delivered a cinematic story. for that purpose, we are moving 3D objects and space drawing made by Tilt Brush & Blocks to Unity and then shooting it with camera from there.

▶THREE - User Scenario

There is a sound of wind in unknown tunnel. From far away, you can see a solar system spaceship(ZIP) and goblins' cave. Along with the sound of the bell, the user slips out of the tunnel and lands in a fog cloud in the middle of a circle filled with ghosts and amulets. Large amulets keep coming down from the sky.

The camera begins to move along, following the mysterious beep that starts to be heard from far away. Passing the goblin passageway, you fly through the wood of the letter tree and arrive at the entrance of the cave. Slowly, they are sucked into the cave and into the large crystals in the cave. The crystal picks up the user and floats in the air, passing through the irregular staircase and exiting the cave.

With the sound of the pinwheel turning loudly, the solar system spaceship(ZIP) comes from far away. It perilously travels between the windmills and lands the user on a platform in front of the moon's temple then the crystal rises up into the sky like a star.
The asteroids start to move one by one and turn slowly around the user.

The camera climbs up the steps of the Moon temple and passes through the door of the mirror, then the letter bridge rises from below. Slowly past the bridge, the camera stops in the midst of the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon and then slowly goes up.

Users recognize that bridge was collapsed. Then, a large rainbow hand appears and picks up the user who was falling down from collapsed bridge. And slowly swings the user. The hand puts users into the rainbow ring or showing outside the spaceship. Rainbow hand travels with users as if they waltz. Then, it passes by the moon to the front of the sun. As the sun shouts, rainbow hands enter into the sun above the ship and then dive into the trump(wormhole) outside the spaceship.

▶FOUR - Directed Note

A few winters ago, my father suffered a stroke. He’d called me earlier, but I was unable to pick up. That day I had a strange premonition that actually came true. Since that day, my father has been unable to have conversations with me and my family. He had multiple brain hemorrhagic strokes, which left him unable to move his body. He has spent the past five years lying on a bed, and looks like a skeleton after losing so much weight. I did not have the courage to confront him lying on his hospital bed. I was afraid of seeing him like that. It felt as if I have had multiple stab wounds in the skin. Looking at my skin in tatters, I prayed for the suffering to end. One day, I somehow managed to drop by the hospital. At that time, my father was gradually recovering yet still lying on the bed. I wanted to comfort him and smile at him but could not because I was still upset about the whole situation. I was swept up in fear and suffering that I felt would never end. Without noticing, I grabbed hold of his skinny arms and started groaning and screaming. Please stop! Out of embarrassment, he said in an inarticulate voice: "You... used to be... a lovely kid...” He pulled the young me I could not even remember out of my memories. Nevertheless, I could not help but feel upset. As time passed by, I slowly stopped visiting the hospital. It took more and more courage for me to see him. It was my little girl who finally gave me the courage to confront him. My daughter said, grinning amiably at my suffering father with his twisted face: "Grandpa... I love you.”
She had the look that I once had, that my father still remembered. There was a time when I accepted and loved things as they were, and felt how beautiful the world was with all my senses. I stared at my daughter for a long time. That was when I knew that I would say the same thing to my daughter as my father did to me: "You used to be... a lovely kid..." That way, I finally understood what kind of memories my father held onto about me, which motivated me to work on this project as a parent of a little girl. It always takes courage to capture long-lost memories and the freedom we once had as children because it is about facing all our suffering in life. During the creation of Letters Project, we watched many VR films for reference, and we were surprised how VR could create the spaces and images that would bring us back to our childhood. This experience motivated me to work on this VR film project with great passion. All we hope now is that no one will have to shed tears because of the beautiful experience I once had.