My Genderation is hosting the Annual Trans Pride Film Night on the 14th July 2023, to present a selection of short films exploring a variety of trans lives and experiences worldwide. This is the 10th Annual Trans Pride Film Event.

We are looking for short films (under 25 minutes) that represent trans experiences. This can be either fact or fiction.

The films have to be made by trans film makers or a crew with a significant amount of trans people involved, or where a trans person played a key role in the creation of the film.

We are particularly encouraging fictional film submissions and films by and/or featuring trans people of colour, non-western trans people, trans people with disabilities, bi+ trans people, trans people of faith, older trans people, and non binary people.

If you cannot afford the fee to enter the festival, please email My Genderation at and you will be sent a fee waiver code.

The fee is to ensure that the committee aren't wading through a lot of material which isn't trans specific or films that are entered simply because it's "free entry." The fee will be used to pay for subtitling of all films to make them more accessible.

This is a fundraising event to raise money for Trans Pride Brighton, which is a registered charity.

Best Fictional Short

Best Non Fictional Short

Best Cinematography

Best Acting

Best Script

Most Engaging Trans Content

Awards will be selected by an independent panel of trans people.

The short film submitted must represent transgender experience in some kind of way.

The film must be created by trans film makers or a crew that has a significant amount of trans people involved, or where a trans person played a key role in the creation of the film.

All non-English-language films need to be submitted with subtitles in English.

All short films must be under 25 minutes long.

Ideally, you should have some promotional material (images, copy, etc.) that we can share.

By submitting your film you are giving us permission to screen it as part of the Trans Shorts International Film Night.

All successful applicants will receive two complimentary tickets to the screening in Brighton.

Unsuccessful applicants are not guaranteed to receive feedback on our decisions.

Overall Rating
  • It was my first time participating in and attending the Trans Pride Brighton Annual Film Event. It was a real treat to see my film screened in such a splendid cinema. I really enjoyed watching the variety of films. In these challenging times, I was extremely grateful that My Genderation and the Trans Pride team worked so dedicatedly to bring trans and gender non-conforming people a sense of joy and connection.

    July 2022
  • So honored to be a part of the Brighton & Hove Pride festival! The staff was very friendly and communicative, unfortunately I was unable to attend. I hope the festival went well and everyone had a great weekend!

    November 2019
  • Gopal Shivakoti

    Wow, this festival is one of my best film festival experiences. I feel lucky to have been a part of it.

    July 2018
  • Sarah Hill

    As an artist and filmmaker working with Trans Pride Film Fest was amazing!

    July 2018
  • Emma Frankland

    An amazing annual festival as part of Trans Pride Brighton, we were really honoured to be selected and espeically delighted to win an award.

    July 2018