Tota Fo'o

A young Bima native who was laid off, wants to survive in Jakarta with his mother, but his father asks him to continue his family's culinary business

  • Hendra Purnama
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    Tota Fo'o
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Hendra Purnama

The man who was born in Bogor, April 1, 1982 has joined the Lingkar Pena forum since 2004. He is currently active as a scenario teacher in the Nulis Aja Dulu community. Hendra has published 9 novels and several short stories published in newspapers or magazines. Some of his works in the field of film include: Cloudly (2014) as a screenwriter and editor, Brochure (2014) as producer, director and editor, Assumption (2014) and Agus & Agus (2015)
Hendra also wrote scenarios for several soap operas, including: Rainbow in Your Eyes, Aisyah, The Return of Raden Kian Santang, Lamentations of Stepmothers, Eternal Love, Not One Love.

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