This is a TV & film festival event which hosts projects of various lengths from two minutes to 60 minutes, including features, shorts, specials, and or episodic TV or Web series, music videos, docs, and animations which explore the value of freedom, maybe by way of divine revelation or personal transformation.

The project may delve into the process of individual transcendence or the journey towards one's authentic self.

Healing brokenness, overcoming a crisis of any kind, or recovery from trauma, is yet another take on the thematic goal.

The subject of the film may tackle the individual's struggle to integrate enlightenment gained unexpectedly or disenchantment brought on by lost illusions.

The project may also be an examination of a shift in consciousness that values personal freedom.

An adjudication based on:

*Ingenuity of story 
*The relevance of the thematic message
*Creative Resourcefulness of medium

There will be 5 winners selected at each festival, who will be awarded a cash prize and film laurel to add to their movie poster. (Strong visions that impact, educate, uplift, empower, encourage and spread love and light)

Bring your authentic voice. Reveal your truth. Make a digital impact. Celebrate a love for artistic expression. Reveal your truth, freely. Bless the world.