Are you a creative Vanguard?
Do you lead from the front?
Are you unafraid to tell bold & dynamic stories?

Do your movies feature underrepresented narratives & peoples?
Do you want to lead change in the current movie system?
Do you want to help bring about change in society through story?

Then conscript now to make a change. Join Toronto Vanguard.

Lead and be bold!

Toronto Vanguard is an autumn film festival with regular screening events and an online streaming channel.

Vanguard Leader Award - $1000
Vanguard Vision Award - $500
Vanguard Writer Award - $500
Vanguard Shorts Award - $300
Vanguard TV-Pilot Award - $300
Vanguard Queer Award - $300
Vanguard World Cinema Award - $300
Vanguard Music Video Award - $300
Vanguard Horror Award - $300
Vanguard Sci-fi Award - $300
Vanguard Canadian Movie Award - $300
Vanguard Documentary Award - $300
Vanguard Women In Film Award - $500
Vanguard Student Film Award - $300

Whether a veteran filmmaker or a newly minted cadet, we want to see your movie. All genres are welcome.

We are looking for filmmakers foregrounding innovative & diverse points of view.

Filmmakers must include a brief synopsis of their movie with their submission.

Terms & Conditions

1. Authority to Enter into this Agreement.

Toronto Vanguard need to assure you have the right to enter this contest. By entering the Toronto Vanguard Fest you are expressing that:

1.1 You are 18 years old or have expressed permission to enter this contest from your parent/guardian.

1.2 You have the full right and power to enter into an exhibition agreement.

1.3 You are the sole creator of the project, an agent acting on behalf of the creator or a designated representative working on behalf of an organization or collective with expressed permission to enter this festival.

2. Submission Deadlines

Submissions are closed on October 1 2018.

Early entry is encouraged but will not guarantee acceptance.

3. Submission Format

Scripts must be submitted via PDF ONLY.

Movies must be submitted by secure online link.

Edits of submitted screenplays or movies are not accepted.

4. Submission Eligibility

We only accept work made after 2010. Films with distribution are not accepted.

5. Submission Fee

Submission fees are to be paid by secure online payment with a credit or debit card. Submission fees are non-refundable.

6. Notification

We aim to notify all entrants by Oct 8 2018 via email and your chosen submission portal.

7. Scheduling

All live events are scheduled at the discretion of Vanguard Toronto Fest. We will make every effort to assure the events go ahead on schedule but we do reserve the right to make changes to the schedule for any reason. Toronto Vanguard will not be held liable for any costs claimed as a result of a change in scheduling.

8. Withdrawals

After a movie has been selected to be screened “in competition” no withdrawals will be accepted. Withdrawals can be made prior to 10/01/2018.

Overall Rating
  • Festival never happened. Empty building, no warning

    May 2020
  • As with the other reviews for this festival, it was apparently a scam. There seem to be a series of festivals like this that provide low entries lots of selections for filmmakers and writers and then no response. It's super frustrating and I would suggest always looking at reviews before submitting!

    September 2019
  • Nia Ashley

    I received a notification that my script was selected and then, like other reviews here, radio silence. I don't like to write poor reviews because I understand how hard it can be to organize festivals but this seems like a scam and Film Freeway should remove them from the site.

    August 2019
  • I don't believe this festival actually occurred. I was in sporadic communication with the organizers and then silence. A scam?

    May 2019
  • Jessica Peeters

    I tried to contact the festival more than once and I was told I would be notified with all this information about venues, tickets etc. but then I never heard from them again. My short film was supposed to screen but they never got back about receiving the film for viewing. Very odd. Seemed like a scam.

    May 2019