TAFMF is dedicated to celebrating African culture and history. TAFMF showcases the works of filmmakers and musicians from over 50 countries, within Africa and worldwide, with the emphasis on film and music produced or co-produced within the African continent.

Audience Choice
Best Film
Best Script
Best Actor (Male)
Best Actor (Female)

1. Films submitted must be completed after January 1, 2016 and produced or co-produced in Africa or have a person of African Heritage attached, such as Producer, Director, Actor or writer.
2. All non English speaking film projects must have English subtitles.
3. Films must be available for festival screening on the following formats: Digital only
4. Please have screeners made available on CD or DVD, or by direct link online for festival staff can view. Preview tapes will not be returned.
5. Please use block letters when applying, any that can't be seen clearly will not be accepted.
6. Make sure when you send your preview tape, put no value on the customs clearance. FOR FESTIVAL PREVIEW ONLY. NO COMMERICAL VALUE.
7. Any and all submissions that are entered cannot be withdrawn from the festival once entered.
8. Parts of the films (up to 2 min.) may be used for publicity value.
9. A separate entry form and a separate fee must be submitted for each film.
10. Preview tapes must be labeled with title, running time and contact information.
11. Please do not send master tapes, film prints, or any originals.
12. If you are under 18, you must have a parent sign the application form on your behalf.
13. All films selected for the festival of 2017 will get the acceptance or rejection letter by email only. Please do not call the festival, as we will not give out the information over the phone.
14. Please note the festival cannot waive entry fees for anyone. This helps cover the cost that the festival must bear, and we know you can understand.
15. The entry fee this year is $50 Canadian for a short film, $95 Canadian for a Feature Film.
16. All Payments must be made out to The Toronto African Film & Music Festival
17. Payments must be by paypal only. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
18. The first deadline for submissions this year is April 15 2017, Final deadline is April 30, 2018. The festival will take place on August 2018