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To be the first

Drama based on the first attempt to fly over the Atlantic non-stop in 1919.

  • James Forinton
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Writer Biography - James Forinton

I rediscovered writing a few years ago, (after all I was quite good at English in school) when I discovered that there was barely any interest in the media regarding the centenary of Alcock and Brown’s epic record breaking flight. Carrying out further research I discovered that the closest that a film came to being made was back in the 1920’s. (There is a docudrama made in 2010). Therefore I decided to correct this and write a script myself. When I began sending my script to friends and strangers the feedback was highly positive. So much so that a couple of production companies have shown interest.

During and before lockdown I enlisted in several online courses both on scriptwriting, as well as carrying out as much research as possible, reading other scripts, books and other sources on the subject. I suppose I have an undiscovered talent for it.

I like to write about historical events that not have been almost forgotten (or never generally known about), that both educate and inspire. The ones were you are surprised that no one has ever made a film about. It is my intention to give a voice to those who need their stories told to a wider audience. Also bring to the screen events that may have never been or had films that were made so long ago they have been either forgotten or in desperate need for a newer version.

I want to bring families together were people from all ages and backgrounds can sit together and watch, and who knows may inspire future generations. Currently I’m writing a script for a drama about Grace Darling (the only film made about her was back in the late 1930’s). And, if that inspires just one person to join the RNLI, then it would be mission accomplished.

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