Passion-driven, free-entry, international independent film festival set in the natural outdoors. Picnic, bring-your-own-refreshments style. No commercials, no brand promotions. Truly non-commercial. Set in Bucharest, Romania.


Open to all independent filmmakers! 😊🎬
Any length and genre is accepted, but we prefer narrative shorts under 15 minutes.
No VFX reels, please. No blatant commercial, political or religious promotion.
Submit your film through FilmFreeway or at with the subject "For your consideration", and tell us a bit about yourself!
To The Wild 🚲🏞️📽️🍿 is a unique, completely non-commercial, passion driven, picnic-style independent film festival set in the natural outdoors. No political or religious affiliation.


• Surrounded by nature 🏞️
• No brands in your face ®️©️™️
• No entry fee 🎟️
• A genuine picnic experience: bring your own food 🍿and soda 🥤
• Immersion: listen to good quality film audio 🔊on your headphones 🎧, using your smartphone 📱
• Just enjoy yourself and be civil 😊
• No, there's no catch 😵
• By cinephiles for cinephiles: it's about the movies 🎞️

🎬AGES 15+ (some films might depict nudity or implied sex)
All films have English subtitles.

👍This is a picnic film festival set in nature, and thus every festival attendee is responsible for his/her own comfort. To maximize your chances of having a good time, we strongly recommend the following:

• Mosquito repellent 💨(We can't stress this enough. Even cheap ones work just fine, one spray bottle should be enough for a small group)
• Headphones/earbuds 🎧and a fully charged smartphone 📱with radio function 📻(necessary for optimum listening experience🔊)
• Picnic blanket (preferably with plastic undercoating) or isoprene
• Pillow (inflatable ones work just fine - this GREATLY improves the comfort of the viewing position)
• For even more comfort, you can bring foldable chairs
• Long sleeve clothes (it gets chilly during the night🌡)
• Flashlight 🔦(your phone most probably already has one)
• Food 🍿🥪🍬and water / soft drinks 🥤(We won't be selling any)

The rules of conduit are simple and common sense:
• Keep the place CLEAN 🚯- we are providing trash bins. 🗑️
• Be VERY careful with cigarettes, they are a MAJOR fire hazard. 🔥
• Don't wander off, especially in the forbidden areas. The grounds on which the festival takes place are private property, please respect that. ⛔
• Do not harass the festival staff, nobody owes you anything. 👍
• Be nice to other attendees, we're here to have a good time. 😊
• Do not attempt to sell items to other festivalgoers. ❌
• Don't be loud while the films are being projected. 🤫
• To ensure a smooth run for the event, please do not bring or consume strong alcohol. Beer, consumed in moderation is permitted. 🍺

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-commercial endeavor. You are responsible for your own safety and comfort. We can’t provide medical help in case of an emergency, and we are not responsible for the actions of the attendees. We are simply providing an occasion to have a good time and watch independent films. By attending our event, you are agreeing to the aforementioned terms.

Overall Rating
  • Rodrigo Sopeña

    Estoy muy contento de haber tenido el estreno europeo de mi corto FIRE EXTINGUISHER en este festival tan auténtico y simpático. Gran comunicación con Cosmin, que también hace un espléndido trabajo gráfico. Todos los diseños de carteles, anuncios, etc. son estupendos. Me quedé con ganas de ir, pero hablé con espectadores que me contaron su gran experiencia.

    September 2019