Tjimur Dance Theatre "Ai~sa sa"

"ai~sa sa" is an expression newly developed by contemporary Paiwan society. It is an interjection used to
laugh at one’s own attitude. We use the following words to express the stirring of all sorts of emotions in our
daily lives:"Bo", "ai~sa sa", "ah li fa" and "dou". The choreographer, Baru Madiljin makes use of funny
interjections to prompt a humorous and deliberate physical dialog.

"ai~sa sa" is full of all kinds of attitude!
It implies "get over yourself"!
It’s a huge gasp of surprise! It even has a "shake it off" feel to it!
As I embarked on creation, I kept asking myself questions
I constantly wondered: What do humans need? What’s their greedy desire?
I believe what I need is love. Love is also the greedy craving we all need!
One must undergo all human emotions
From the time love sprouts up until the fruit drops!
Sour is the green apple! Sweet is the red one!
How profound is that apple sauce! Pitiless, chop them one at a time!
Those broken ribs get piled
Was it love we ran out of? Or was it fate?
Ah, former intimacy, heartlessly torn apart
Peel away each layer
And behold what lies behind
Away it goes; tears well in your eyes
Off it falls; you can’t help but smile
Layers collapse; laughing, weeping intertwine
Love brings tears and laughter
Love brings pain and grief
Love brings us together
And then one: ai- sa sa and shake it off!

  • Ljuzem Madiljin
    Founder and Artistic Director
  • Baru Madiljin
  • Ching-Hao Yang
  • Ljaucu Tapurakac
  • Tzu-En Meng
  • Sheng-Hsiang Chiang
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    Chinese, English
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Edinburgh
    United Kingdom
    August 6, 2021
    2021 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Online
Director Biography - Ljuzem Madiljin

Ljuzem Madiljin is an adjunct lecturer in the Dance Department of the Tainan University of Technology also is the founder and artistic director of Tjimur Dance Theatre. She was born in the Paiwan tribe of Sandi Village (Timor Tribe) south of Taiwan. She graduated from the Dance Department of the Tainan University of Technology and the Department of Cultural and Creative Industries of National Pingtung University. She was a director of the National Performing Arts Center, has lived in the tribe for many years, is the inheritor of traditional culture, and has been teaching culture and art.

In 2006, She founded the first contemporary dance company in Taiwan with Paiwan culture. From 2009 to 2021, she coordinated 15 performances and led a team to represent Taiwan to perform in Europe and Asia. In 2014, she explored the breathing methods from traditional steps and songs, and then developed Paiwan contemporary physical training, breaking through the dancers’ physical inertia, and continuing to develop their potential and limits.

In the fifteen years, it has insisted on sharing the beauty of Paiwan culture and philosophy through performing arts and has continuously created the possibility of the diversified development of aboriginal contemporary theater. In 2017, the "TJIMUR Art Festival" was established to build the bridge between tribal culture, art, also make a bridge by international artists. Press ahead with promoting a tribal performance touring, collaborating plan with the art venue in the city, and art promotion activities, etc.

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