Titus - The Crystal's Curse

Titus - The Crystal's Curse is the beginning to a potential, sci-fi action, 9 movie epic, about an ambitious young fighter who trains to become like his legendary father, King of Jegawa, and in his eagerness to please his father, he makes a fatal mistake, exiled by his family, banished from his city.

  • Sundus Mustapha
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    Sci-Fi, Action
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Sundus Mustapha

I am an eighteen year-old, Trinidadian-Egyptian, female, Muslim, screenwriter, born and raised in Sylvania, Ohio.
Three years ago I was inspired by my newfound education on the most well documented family lineage in history. While I do not plan on publicly announcing the family that inspired me, I can say that I look forward to fanfare theories that hopefully will continually build a culture around the world I created. Out of my deep love and obsession for sci-fi action film, I created a 9 movie series called, Titus. I hope that Titus presents a heartfelt nostalgia through lessons and characteristics of innocence that resemble our childhood and the growth of our ancestors.
I wanted to ensure that we took this as far as possible to further inspire infatuation and enjoyment for all of our viewers. I have created three different languages: Jegawian, Gyplandic and Chinicsh which you can find in the ‘Info Book' I created. I have also worked with an artist, John Hawkins, to better present the crazy world we’ve come up with into a well illustrated ‘Concept Art Book’, which I would be happy to share if interested!

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