Every person is given a blank canvas to inspire and reflect life through their artistry.
Tiriq R. Callaway is a screenwriter, poet, author, spoken-word artist, and TEDx performer based in New Jersey. He has spent his career pouring into others through the art of storytelling. Having always been inspired by life experiences, he dedicates his work to enrich the lives of others.
Callaway has been published in the New Social Worker Magazine for his poetry and has also been featured in the Rizzarr Magazine, by award-winning journalist Ashley M. Williams. In April 2015, he self-published his debut memoir, “A Diamond in God’s Dirt,” which was warmly embraced. In October of 2019, he released his first collection of poetry entitled “shine through our shade: an evolution of self-love.” The work illuminates the minds of readers to find the light within, so they too can shine through life’s shade.
Callaway also gained recognition having been featured on The Laura Coates Show, Drew Pinsky, and many other nationally syndicated radio shows. He reached the likes of award-winning and Grammy-nominated poet Nikki Giovanni, who stated, “Tiriq has vision beyond his years…”
In October of 2020, he released his debut spoken-word album Fade to black. The album is 7 compiled poems from, “shine through our shade: an evolution of self-love,” that offers listeners a more riveting experience.
Tiriq continues to gain daily inspiration from the world and his personal experiences, as he aims to make a connection with people through his writing /creativity to spread more hope, happiness, love, and laughter every day.
  • Writer (1 Credit)
    Emotional (Pilot)
    Television Script
Monmouth University
Seton Hall University
Every person is given a blank canvas to inspire and reflect life through their artistry.
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