“Tinian” is a war drama written with inspiration from various other World War II works including “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band Of Brothers” about two best friends from a small American town who share a love for football. As the war in the Pacific breaks out, the two decide to join and fight for America. Starting on Guadalcanal, they get their first taste of the atrocities of war. The friends pull through and are soon assigned to be part of the initial landing party at Tinian, a crucial island for the Allies in the Battle of the Pacific. Tragedy strikes as one friend is lost, the other struggles to continue on as hate for the enemy grows inside of him. After the atomic bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man, are dropped on the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the remaining friend joins the occupation force of Japan. While there, he struggles to grasp forgiveness for the people he so truly hates as he falls for a Japanese woman on his journey to make it back home.

  • J.A. Michaels
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    United States
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Writer - J.A. Michaels