Time of the Twins

The twins embark on a long trip from Germany to a small village in Hungary. They sold their house there, a little safe haven of freedom, once the most important part of their lives. During the road trip Rolli is in a depressed state and Matty in a manic euphoria, both having bipolar disorder. This challenging journey takes the twins through some weird and demanding situations, ultimately reinforcing their brotherly bond.

  • Sámuel Visky
    Shoreless, The Eyewitness
  • Sámuel Visky
  • Roland Zech
    Key Cast
  • Matthias Zech
    Key Cast
  • László Dunai
    Shoreless, The Execution, Most of the Souls That Live Here, etc.
  • József Iszlai
    Sound design
    Shoreless, Off Season, One Day, Deva
  • Sámuel Visky
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Zeit der Zwillinge
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 38 minutes 15 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 1, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    15,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
    Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia
  • Language:
    German, Hungarian
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Sámuel Visky

Samuel Visky is an up-and-coming film director and author. He grew up in post-communist Romania, in the Hungarian minority of Transylvania. Currently living and working in Germany, he is engaged in a postgraduate program at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne since the autumn of 2017. His documentary Zeit der Zwillinge (Time of the Twins) is his first feature length project, which was completed parallel to his studies.
He graduated in film and TV directing at the University Sapientia in his hometown Cluj-Napoca in 2009. His diploma short film Parttalan (Shoreless) has received several awards, including the Grand Prix 7 Arte in Calaraşi, the Grand Prix FfeSt in Cluj-Napoca and the Best Film "World Problems" Award in Potenza, Italy. His other works include the short films Szerető. Gyilkos. (Lover. Murdere.), with a special mention at the Polifilm National Film Festival in Budapest, A szemtanú (The Eyewitness) and Seziersaal (Dissecting Room). He is currently working on a short film project with the working title Don´t chase me, father!

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Director Statement

The twins, Rolli and Matty, where my first friends, when I moved to Halle (Saale) in Germany. They were then, and are to this day, the most atypical Germans I have ever met. There was also a strange tension, some sort of conflict in their relationship. Only after I experienced, how Matty sunk into a depressed state, we started to talk about bipolar disorder. I knew very little about this psychical illness at that time, but regardless, I was drawn to their unique world.
After I learned about their plans to go on this long tour through Poland all the way to Hungary and back, I decided, this could be an interesting opportunity, to follow them around with a camera. The time I had, for preparing for this documentary shoot, was very short. But I found the Werkleitz-Centre for Media Arts, who then kindly provided the technical equipment I needed. This is how I ended up with a video camera and couple of microphones on the back seat of their green van.
We were three weeks together on the road and in different cities along the way. By this time, Matty was the one, who was in a euphoric hyper state and Rolli left without much drive in a depressed state. I decided right at the beginning, what kind of an attitude I would like for my camera to have. Also, the schedule and the plan for our rout was changing sometimes drastically, so I sat out only to observe – I didn´t wanted to influence no outcome of the happenings. But ironically that is exactly, what happened in a kind of way. There was always an extra plate on the table and the twins genuinely wanted to show me a good time as well. They wanted me to experience a glimpse of the good old times, when their identity was not yet torn apart by their mental disorder. After we got home from this long trip, I was overwhelmed by what I have experienced alongside Rolli and Matty. That is where the large part of planning and inventing the movie began. My main collaborators where my colleagues from my first studies, László Dunai in editing and József Iszlai in creating the sound for the film – the same team, we made my diploma short film Parttalan together. Also, my youngest brother, Péter Visky Jr. got involved as a composer in the project and helped create the different emotional atmospheres for the characters in the movie. The postproduction of this documentary was completed in a 5-year period.